Online Mission Boring

I’m finding it far too repetitive. I started at 5 minutes past the start time and it took an hour of doing exactly the same thing to get to level 30 and I’m giving up there. Last week was too easy, but I definitely don’t want to spend an hour tapping the same buttons every week. Maybe a shorter, but more difficult online mission would be better? 

Technically, you tap the same buttons throughout the entire game. 

With that being said, though, I’m perfectly fine going through 36 repetitive floors provided I get an awesome monster for it :) 

Eh, It’s a little repetitive.

It’s fine tho

Haha, that’s just pedantic.  :wink:

Maybe people are happy with it then. I don’t think I’ll do this every week, but then I’m not interested in PvP anyway; I much prefer the solo game. 

I find this pretty hilarious xD