Onigo sleep is guaranteed??

Make sure you thank VKC for building your PvP team then @DMG_Death_Lord


Yeah sure
A team maded by devs what doesnt give top to bad player
I can’t say the same about Rock Lock and Maeve Stuff☺️

If rock lock is so easy, run it next pvp and let me know how it goes. :woozy_face:

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i smell onigo nerf…

Oh no,i don’t like it,it’s extremely bored the pvp matches and i have personal life to lose my time

It’s ok I understand if you are scared to back up your earlier remarks @DMG_Death_Lord

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Im not scared
I like to play the pvp matches quickly that why i dont use Rock Lock,Mortar,Stun or Deadweight

I’m sure Neo matches aren’t the only thing you like to finish quickly :smirk:

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Our next few matches will take a long time and you will not have a choice in the matter

It’s easy close the game :laughing::laughing:

Very dishonorable, I didn’t know you were one of @MasterMarcoPISSOFFBM ’s fanboys

I’m not
But if you want make me anger with a long match i can avoid that :wink:

You’ll have to change your ign to “DMG Disconnect Lord”

Yeah do whatever you want :laughing::laughing: