Sakura !! Broken or mistake

How can trash exist in the game. not targeted by chrono killer and sleep all monsters poisoned and enough time to kill it ???

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That’s my team u r posting without my consent !! :wink::neutral_face:

Chrono killer targets it but it’s visual bug. Chromera cannot kill it cos of it’s high defense and element disadvantage. Wish I had awakened it though. No tickets :pensive:

It sleep and dream posion monster ,wtf i can’t believe it

I’ sorry all your monsters got slept. That’s toughest luck bro :pensive::pensive:

It’s a game killer


It’s more of a ‘Beating a dead horse’ monster, but game killer is fine.

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It’s a result of game needing more crazy power creeps to keep people spending and this is only the beginning


You need more of those monsters gaaaaame breaking nice :joy:
Well imo devs shoudve ban that monster on pvp because of the visual bug etc just like malwing before

As long as nobody is able to awaken it, I wouldn’t call it game breaking. An awakened has amazing potential to be the best monster this game has ever seen especially if Oni keeps his Double one on one. Even some obvious FLs like Oni, Jackal, Sakura and Talo into Drakozord would cause serious trouble since the combo of Stun counter and Double bloodthirst is so deadly. When awakened, I think one kill will be enough to kill most monsters with lower defense.

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That’s the issue people will awaken

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I battled someone who has an awakened Sakura but he dint use it properly

Devs want to kill the game I think.

Its for sure the best OoO support monster out there, I think thats why @Killerdog wanted to get his hands on Sakura so badly. This Game will never ever give me a OoO Legend but if it happens some day I have so many cool ideas

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Just hold your horses everyone,
The fact that it cannot be killed by chrono killer is a big one.
Dolph will easily wipe it , same goes with BB, xyz(awakened), and I bet searguard will one shot it,

Passive is broken for sure ! And we have lot of counters to deal with protection. Only ppl I fear having it are lochi,unown, gmagic, Jamal, and me included, I’ll wreck havoc if I got it

I haven’t tried it in pvp yet because i’m wasn’t sure it was viable in second form. How are you guys finding it?

I know what you hatched now.:thinking: :smirk:
Congrats, anyway.

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I belive you have picked up 2 compensation gems, but you don’t know the reason for that compensation?


Its completely effected by chrono killer and seargaurd one shots it+ dolp.

But there is a visual bug chrono killer will not glow but its completely useable. Why do you think devs have give compensation gems for then.

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Dolph isn’t 100%. That means awakened sakura will never die to dolph

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What? I’m confused lol