OM Lineup (revamped and basic)

I’ve been looking at threads to find out cool strategies for the OM missions. Given that I’m fairly new and only have one OM ark, I’m trying to find a decent strategy that doesn’t involve the other OM arks or arks like frillzeon (which I don’t believe is available anymore?)

I’m debating between two strategies:

  1. build a team of holy. This would consist of angelon, luxknight, and omegawyrm (for kicks). I’m particularly attracted to this lineup because omegas deal good damage, angelon and luxknight have some good aoes (when white blessing is equipped), and with 10 angelons in a lineup you could easily use offering often. On top of that I don’t believe holy has a weakness.

  2. build a team of shadow. This would consist of plasmorex, shadowlance, and omegawyrm. I like this lineup because it would be very heavy in attack power if shadow ocarina is attached (compared to the holy lineup). On the other hand, holy arks would tear this team apart and I would have no way of healing the team. I see many people using a strat heavy with shadow damage dealers.

In both scenarios, I’m not really caring too much about the grade of the ark because trying to get 10 S angelons would consume my whole life.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

At least half of my team consist of fire arks. I still have stunners in there, I still have halopards just in case i need healings. I sitll have all 10+ arks there…

But for OM, most people use a team of plasmorexes, i dont recall seeing a lot of holy type arks in OM. Unless the wild om arks are holy, using plasmorexes + dark ocarina is a very decent strategy to use.

Why fire arks? Just because you like them? And halopard instead of angelon? The upside to that I’d say it’s easier to get an S rank halopard.

I see, a plasmorex team would be beneficial since OM isn’t about stamina. Maybe infinite dungeon would be a better use for holy, but shadowlance would also be good against the metal types in there.

Fire arks with the desert drop are really strong(I think). But the shadow method is great :smiley:

wat is the desert drop?

It’s a fire ocarina :slight_smile:

Well all i want os the omega wurm n the water dragon thingy from fusion

My om linup was all water types ( Not thinking about healing or showd stuff soo i did a very simple tactic )