Help Just For OM

Hey guys I was wondering if the Elite players could help out with OM line ups. If so add ur name under here and PM me that you would like to help. Special thanks to the people who do this. This is much appreciated.

PS: to the mods if this picks up can someone pin it thanks

People willing to help:

You sent a private message to us about this. It might have been better to leave discussion here so that the community can benefit.

As far as missions are concerned, though, there isn’t need for much strategy. Load your front lineup with heavy hitters and rush through.

I do hope this will change in the future.

Shadowlances and plasmorexes with the shadow ocarina equipped, omegawyrms and don penguini as ur last arks

No I want this to be like wat tibby did with PvP help. I want people to post that they need help and the elite players helpmthem

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an “elite” player, but I will help if possible.

Thanks crystal

Like what Ash said, the way OM is going at the moment & ID, doesn’t need as much strategy as pvp and therefore there wouldn’t be any need for different strategies.

Best way is to have heavy hitters.

Best for now is army of frillzeons with desert ocarina, just need to be careful with stun skinners & puffoxins. That wil pretty much OHKO everything except the last few floors & bosses.

With boss sometimes I start with stun skinners so I can easilly kill them before they get a chance to attack, or sometimes i just summon volcanorex & my frillz army flames just become stronger…

Second for now I guess would be plasmorexes with dark ocarina…

Do not do OM unless you have at least 10-20 decent level 99 arks (unless you are still in the 10% pool)…

What would be available to most people is to use 3 omegas or omega plasmorex destructor or some other heavy hitters & bring healers to keep them alive.

There isn’t much to strategise…

Alright im just gonna copy and paste what I pmed.

Avoid killing stun skinners if possible save them last cause otherwise you lose on valuable time when the AI starts attacking you. Although its not always possible to take them out last in which caee you need to make the judgment call.

Use elements to your advantage and try to predict what kinds of arks you may face so you can ready your team beforehand. For example if a water ark is available to obtain through OM, then either bring wind arks as there may be tons of water arks to encounter, and/or fire arks as the dungeon may instead have tons of earth arks to counter your wind arks that would counter the water ark available. If this seems complicated or hard to predict what arks may show up then just evenly distribute arks of varying elements throughout your team so that you should always have an ark of a stronger elemnt than the opposing Rks. Because of this I would avoid bringing in too many holy and shadow arks as holy arks dont do much damage and shadow arks are weak against the occasion holy ark although ones like destructor and plasmorex may be worth bringing but I wouldnt rely heavily on them.