OM Idea

I’ve posted this as a comment in a topic somewhere. I think it deserves it’s own topic.

OM starts at 10pm in my country, so OM how it is, isn’t fair to a lot of players. Someone a few hours ahead would probably be in bed when it goes live. Then by the time they get up in the morning, all the OM rewards are gone.

One way of doing it, would be one week start it at say 12 o’clock noon. Then start the next one at 2pm, then the following week 4pm, etc.

We could maybe have a 12 week season to be consistent with the start times.

This way the OM will always be starting at a different time giving people in different country’s every week a better chance of getting the reward.

At the moment it seems to be America with the advantage.

They’re favoring the places with the most players. The issue is, if they favor a time zone with just a few players, they’re going to get a huge amount of complaints since they’re going against the majority of players.

Still, if people are aware of the rotating system, they should be understanding of it. 

I do think that there are other ways to get around this issue, though. But missions will need to be changed in a fundamental way. 

Yeah, there is always someone who gets a disadvantage.

…but you know, I did come up with a way that solves the timezone issue…