What the??

There’s someone I was battling, he had the pharaoh wyrm!! So Japan has advantage of OM over all the players right? Are the devs Japanese?

Two of them are (at least). And they do get it before other players. 

Oh well~ then it’s fair enough ><

yea today I battled 1 with the next OM ark 

They do? I thought the OM started at the same time for everyone. Did they change that?

Wouldnt that affect our pools/chances at getting the OM?

Hopefully not. However, there are probably countries that get it after us.

They could set each pool to be unique to each country, if that’s possible. Sounds like quite a bit of work, but I dunno. I’m anything but a (good) coder.

But, the problem is, if you’re in the USA and Japan gets the OM before you, obviously you’re going to be at a disadvantage, since Japanese players can get the OM ark before you. But, if it starts at, say, 14:00 EST for EVERYONE, then Japan’s gonna be at the disadvantage. It’s 4:00 there, for goodness’ sake.

Which is it doing now? Or is there a topic on this somewhere?

This was discussed last week.

The devs were testing out supporting different time zones (currently only Japan), although they did say it was a lot of manual work and would be unlikely to continue it.

They also stated each time zone would have a different pool, so the only advantage they get is around 12 hours of PvP with the monster when others don’t have it.

Not sure what I think of it, in some ways a little unfair, but in other ways a lot fairer for time zones that would be otherwise unable to start at the start time due to it being super early or super late.

Ah, alright, thanks for clarifying. I should really be catch up on the news, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I can deal with 12 hours over a week. There are worse things and longer time periods that these guys could be had

Yeah, 12 hours isn’t really a big deal.

Because the pvp isnt like a super competitive place where you can easily see a leaderboard and who your fighting, its not a real problem. Now if it was on a bigger pvp scale then it would be an unfair adv. its. Great that they try to cater to everyones needs.