Online Mission duration too long..

Am I the only one feeling that a week for online mission is too long…

I think All rewards are gone in about 30minutes after the OM starts. So I don’t know why the duration is 1 week.

An exception is this current event since all can restart the mission as much times as they want and still get the reward.

However, for “normal” OMs, I think 1 week for OM is quite long… Feeling bored…

Here’s the problem

There’s no other reasonable duration, on top of the fact that there aren’t that many arks to make them shorter

So its a lose lose situation for what your suggesting

Well… Here’s wishing they come up with more arks :slight_smile:

They are, I promise.

Just not enough to make it a daily mission

I think a week is the perfect duration as sometimes your busy and you can’t get to it right away.

I agree, because I belive many people are high school and up and when tests come around the corner…well…

And a season Will be too short if u shorten the OM’s

1 week isnt to long its perfect. It gives everyone a fair chance. Ive played games where events last 2-3 weeks and they were ones that needed 100% attention just to finish top 1000 and main prize was for top ten.

Yeah i played games like that aswell and Those seasons took very long

I agree 1 week is nice.  The problem is that they are over too quickly, with the exception of this week’s.  Yes, most other games give people enough time to get on and do the mission when their schedule allows.  The fact that they are over so quickly at the start is something I hope the devs deal with. 

They should do this always, One for the top 1 or 10 procent and one freebie 

I think the prize limit should be raised to top 5% and 10%. Just my 2 cents

I think it’s the perfect duration because people are busy. Plus the monsters would run out faster if the om were shorter.

Top 5% would be gone in a day aswell

There really isn’t a good way to go about this because it needs to be a challenge

If everyone got it willy nilly, then what would be the point?

Well top 5% would be very nice, so we can have more then 30 min to get the prize

Eh, still don’t think it’ll happen

I would also like to point out, the end of the season is approaching and the arks should be released soon

What needs to happen is there needs to be more to the missions, so that they don’t end right away.

Maybe missions should be made in such a way to where they are sort of broken up into sub-missions throughout the week. What I mean is, for each sub-mission (which occurs in intervals throughout the week), you complete a specific task that leads to having something. Maybe it will lead to having one first form of the monster.

Then you wait for the next sub-mission, which will give the next fusion ingredient. 

And the next… etc. So if it takes five monsters to fuse into the final one, you can have five sub-missions, each giving one. 

Those sub-missions could either be dungeon runs, or some other type of activity (to add some variety).

This way, you’re more actively doing things throughout the week instead of it ending so fast. 

How does this work with the whole pool idea? You can put a % restriction on each sub-mission, possibly. But that would take some deeper thinking.

Ash, did you post this in the post Online content thread?

Because that may just work and prevent a LOT of complaints

Well, these ones

People will still complain. Its in our nature lol. But id like to see sub missions would be a good addition