Change the mission on time


It would be nice if the mission was changed the day it’s supposed to end, I was up at midnight to make sure I would be able to do it in time and now I get on too late to be able to get the reward


It’s been posted for a while now that it was going to start at 8 PM Eastern time. I’m not sure where the confusion comes from.


Where and when did it say that?


In one of the other threads. Lol. Can’t remember, but it was stated several times in a thread. Check this section.


In this topic. It’s now edited because it’s out right now, but the topic was posted way earlier this morning telling the start time. 


So you have to check to tell when it will come out… last week said the mission would end the 21st and it ends days after, that’s just not right, there should have been something in the game to notify all players


It clearly says in the game to hook up with the forum, that’s where most of the information is! However, yes, there probably should have been a push notification or something to let people know because it is an inconvenience for some to have to come to the forum. 


Do you know if this mission will actually end on the 28th like it says?


I do not. They have to code the missions, and sometimes there are delays. Just check in with the forum periodically.