Okkult's invitation

Case 1 All your opponent monsters are sleep immune. Reward you get a ocraino once you beat them all.

Ps: i did this with my sleep team and had no trouble. Did not record the battles tho.

Finally an event that make you not using sleep strategy and you use sleep anyway? Haha
I like the change. Used a stun lock team.

I just stunned them charged ss and paired him with shiva then bloodthrist my way

Are there any other tests besides that? Feels so short for an event


To bad its a short one

It wasn’t too bad for a Ocarino at least. I need more omegas though… :( 

That is the team i use for all pve content. Uc Scb even this event lol were you are not suppose to use sleep.

How far do you typically get in UC with that team?

1000 but last uc i went to 600 as i didnt have much time to play and games take too long at higher level.

Got it.  My team is very similar.  I always have a lot of trouble with 600 due to the knocking back/repulsing.  Hard for me to get anything going.

I won it with poison!
But nice 1 Ahmed using a sleep team on sleep immune!

@Dev VKC. I found something interesting with this event. Not sure if it is a bug or “undocumented feature” :stuck_out_tongue:

Any enemy monster that was either Knocked Back/Repulsed or used Sendback/Step Back, lost it’s Sleep Immunity buff upon re-entry. This allowed me to put them to sleep.

Is this suppose to happen with this event and will this be the same case for future events (Stun Immune/Poison Immune etc)

i found it funny to do it with sleep team so i did lol.

Event completed, just with Don.
Thank god it didnt hve too much poison!

I need something else to do :weary::cry: I beat this thing less then 10 mins lol

Noted. We will make you change your team next time :v

Thank you for the report. We will try to change how this works in next update.

Noted. hehe

Are these battles too easy or you guys are just too awesome  :o

Add more monsters. Don’t buff them.

Too easy. Think about it, now with SCB and crown, we will have 1 boring week in the game with nothing to do. All 3 of these events are finished in few minutes.

I agree these battles were to easy i basically just used lifeflip friend on nightrider and desperate all. Finished in about 10-15 mins…