Ok no one plays balancion's trial but why

So now we will get epic reward mons

;-; shut up dude. I want earth epic

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;-; ok

Some people don’t have these shinies like me


Yeah, I don’t have shiny Jadeboa either. The rewards are always subjective but it’s annoying when they re-feature something that has just been released a few months back.

why balancion always have trash monster.last time we have 2 pyramid and they are trash.
cmon @Dev_VKC
add some cool monster like :
Ahuizard or purpie
lordreign or Titanomoth
Mushasoid or spookoid
Megalodragon or scarleguard
spectrefox or spectrefox(s)


Scarlegarud will never come to ba a reward evsr

Bro u really asked a lot. Tbh this event requires you only 25 tickets gives u 25000exp everyday , has 3 raregems , 6-8 gems (I don’t know approx)
and a monster some fruits and a good amount of silver.
The only plobrem is that the event is boring rewards I don’t think is a plobrem as it really requires very few tickets and moreover it gives me time to do the bond quest.


I’d love spookoid but since devs put it in the shop it will never be a reward again.

because balancing is a “garbage event”, for new players …No changes needed, that’s fine …

I agree

you just spend very little and they give you little (what you call “garbage”)
in other events like “survival” you spend more tickets and they give you better rewards …
Balance is fine, just for new players who want to rank up fast and get epics.

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