More like balancion fruits!!!

Are these the real rewards for an 11 day event?11 days and 3 gems and loads of fruits?this has a early neo monsters vibes when it will take us ages to gain 1 gem or two and now we are coming back to these days

So on2nd day I will have to play 5 games worth of 25 tickets to get a fruit?so it’s better to play fruit mission and get more of that!!!I guess the event targets new players that need some of rewards or something but a huge disappointment

Meh, what a huge letdown of a event.

Yes letdown forsure. -.-
it’s not event worth playing most of the days.

Balancion is far better reward for me than those 2 dogs mehhhhh

Meh again… :grimacing:

At least the reward for the ninth day is kinda neat. Being about to chose which -guard monster you want is rather handy for collectors like myself.

You hatch them anytime. It would have been better to get good limited se instead

most collectors have both, +9 already lol.

Even then,you get 1 lol and the other you need to hatch

Ahaha exactly and to evolve one you need 3 pyramids lol, if theres one monsters i would like to collect that would be the legendary…

ARCHELOTH :stuck_out_tongue:

yes good point Ali xD

All I am saying is devs BALANCE you BALANCion event rewards

What am I supposed to do with too many green apples? Why not more hexagonal blueberries? Or candy?

See even Zard is complaining,not good sign at all

Trial of the UNBALANCION :joy:

Good event idea though, I like it.

It looks cool, rest is crap.

Meh, i was expecting some legend potions as reward.

Idea of the event is good but rewards are meh

PS : Worst thing is no Balancion as reward.

Dun dun dunnn…

Well I do have a Komalion, so I guess I’m okay with the end reward,

but overall it’s an extremely disappointing event.

I can only get 3 Fkin Gems?!! 

Its ok tho, cause they’re super busy with the update, so they  probably  didn’t give this event too much thought. 

This pic shows excatly how we feel

Great idea, worst rewards