Oh, oh hi there

Hey everyone and all you fellow hunters!

So, I always go under the alias KiltedCobra. Why? Well, I just signed up one day for something and thought, hey, hey that’s actually kinda funny. You see, I love cars and my favourite by miles is easily the Shelby Cobra. I also happen to love snakes and surprise surprise, I find cobras the most amazing things ever in the history of always so tada that’s the second part of the name sorted. The kilted part? Well that just comes from me being Scottish and I thought a cobra trying to wear a wee kilt would be the most hilarious scenario ever.

Of course, as comical a name as it is, I’d get weird looks in public (or at least more than usual) if it was my real name. Luckily, my parents are rather good that way and chose the pretty decent alias for me: Liam.

Let me think, hmm, what else… I’m studying a masters degree in electrical and mechanical engineering at university… Uh… I enjoy gaming on all platforms and have recently begun collecting older consoles in a bid to give my future children the childhood I never had being from a not so wealthy family.

There are quite a few other things about me but I mean, all that’s really important for you to know I guess is that I am a friendly and approachable character and I look forward to chatting with you all in the coming months as we all wait in strong anticipation for Hunter Island!


You go bro!

Look forward to talking with you more in the future!

and i looking to fight you soon …

What kind of consoles have you already collected

Thanks for the warm welcome :wink:

So far I’ve only got a few consoles but I’m always on the lookout. I’ve got the original PS1, a revised PS1, a PS2, an NES, a SEGA Mega Drive, a SEGA Master System II, a SEGA Saturn, a Wii and a 360.

I’ve had the Master System II for the longest time sitting alone, that was until I was helping clear stuff out of a local church and came across most Iof the rest in a cupboard. Everything was getting tossed in the skip so I asked if I could take the and they were more than happy. Currently looking at a Dreamcast nearby and hoping the price drops :wink:

KiltedCobra have you ever been to Tokyo? You would probably love it here if you collect game consoles. You can find old consoles for cheap easily. :slight_smile:

Hey Liam! Hope you stay active in the forum! :3

Unfortunately not Kit, the life of s student is an expensive one already haha Hopefully once I have my degree and a good job I’ll be able to afford to go to some of the places I’ve always wanted to, Tokyo being one of them! :slight_smile:

I sure plan to, Bella! Haven’t been a former for a long time. Think the last time I used a forum was Forza 3 and I used that a heck of a lot haha