Ahoy thar!

Ahoy thar indeed!

Been here since the forum opened but I guess it´s time to make a presentation about myself since I just remembered I never made one before.


A swedish male born in 1987. My interests have always been video games and computer, even since I was 6 and my two older brothers got a 8-bit NES. And I haven´t left the TV/PC-screen ever since(almost). Though I also have a kitten, 13 weeks as of today, and my girlfriend(she´s the one who bought DIB and showed it up my face like BAMM) who´s living with me since 4 years back to take care of now aswell.


I studied computer science back in school and also took an education class for a year as an CNC-operator which is now my profession. I worked as an operator until only recently when the company went into the ground(No Mr.Kat it was not my fault :wink: ). This made me unemployed and that´s why you see me in the chat all day long now. I have alot of spare time.


I´ve always wanted to be part of a game somehow but never really gotten the chanse to it since I´m not into programing and such. And since I loved DIB so much I decided to volunteer as a swedish translator of the game Hunter Island. I´m not sure there will ever be a swedish version of the game, but it´s something I did just in case.


So far I´m enjoying this forum and there are some really nice people here who I hope will stay. I´m gonna help build this community into a strong one in any way I can. The only thing I found to be a “problem” so far is the waffles. They are everywhere! Eat them before it´s too late!


As said before I´m almost always here so if you ever wanna chat or just throw a Chocolate Muffin Cupcake in my face just let me know.


Have a great day and let´s make this an awesome community!


Best regards 

Mattias Kuru

Alias: Aethin