Bonjour chers forumeurs !

Hello there !

Even though I’m here since a few days, I’ve decided to make a proper presentation topic, because why not ?

So as you may have noticed, I go with the alias of Mr.Kat because I like cats, and I’m a guy. Some of you may have noticed that the word cat is mispelled in my name, and there’s a very complicated reason about that. Long story short, some friends and I have decided to make mispelled animal names for the internet, mostly because we are crazy or stupid, depends on how you see it.

Happily my parents have better tastes than I do about names, and they decided to name me Etienne, a typically french name completely impossible to pronounce correctly in other languages. For those of you who will try, I wish you good luck ! I guess you have understood I am french (Yeah, I know, shocking, there’s actually french people who can speak english !), but don’t worry, I won’t make you eat frog’s leggs or snails.

I’m studying psychology (oh yeah, I can mess up with your mind : D) and I like books, video games, beer, and lame puns. Very, very lame puns.

Also, I had the incredible chance of being one of two french translators for Hunter Island, and I’d like to thank the developers again for that because it sure is awesome !

I guess that’s all, so see ya around !

That’s cool mr.kat I’m from the US as you can tell hahaha but I’ve chosen my name just cause its my actual name how have you enjoyed translating for the developers

Actually, there is still some work to do on the translation, but it’s really cool !

Awesome! I look forward to you remaining an active part of the community as you have been :smiley: You certainly seem like a real character, much like myself, and you’re English is possibly the best I’ve seen. It makes me quite envious that you can speak another language so fluently considering I only know how to speak basic French! haha

How are you enjoying psychology?

Haha, thanks, I don’t really consider myself to be fluent in english because I still make extremely stupid mistakes when I don’t pay enough attention to what I’m writing/saying sometimes (I’m looking at you grammar !) but I really am flattered !

About psychology, it’s pretty cool to understand how our brains work and how basic things that happen in everydays life can influence your personnality, so really enjoying it : D

I´ll give you a beer if you can manage to break into my sunflower.

In this case sunflower is my brain. It´s nothing else you dirty minded people!

I AM already in your sunflower. You juste don’t know it yet.

And we’re still talking about his brain !

Welcome bud!

Lets have fun here and give me a chimichanga…

Hey there! I’m just the lurker who rarely posts anything.

Nice to be acquainted with you

Meh, chimichangas don’t look good anyway, you can have mine Deadpool.

Mr.Kat would you like something else like possibly a bowl of milk and I swear I’m not making an assumption that you like milk only because your name is mr.kat… JK

Must… Resist…Milk…

I high premium milk with no preservative :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

meh, I’m gonna go eat waffles and i’ll be good

That is… if you still have the waffles when you get back home MUAHAH!

Salut Etienne!!  I remember listening to Etienne Daho when I was in France.  Yes, I am a francophile.  As you know from our chat.  ;)

I don’t know if I could master your name.  When I was in French class I used the name Jerome (sorry I don’t have the accent keyboard) for some reason.  I probably still can’t pronounce it correctly.  

I love cats too.  Looking forward to more convos with you, maybe about chats in chat.  (see what I did there?)  

Saw that pun and it made me laugh : D

And don’t worry, I kinda noticed that most of french names aren’t sayable in other languages x)

Then I think it´s time for you to teach us. :slight_smile:

It would take wayyyyyy too long \o/

You planing on leaving? :wink: