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Well, if PvP is going to be using Game Center, then we might as well add each other on Game Center. My nickname is -~Ashley~-. Have a few spots left but I’ll delete some people to make room for others if you want to add me.

Feel free to post your nicknames to be added as well.

Mine is Kuruminator.

Feel fee to add.

Mine is kiltedcobra

I know, imagine that.

Mine is Elkatmann, can’t wait to beat you : P

You sure about that? Now able to find that name nor Elkatman.

Weird, I was pretty sure about it…

Edit : Fixed it ! you should now be able to find me as Kätmann !

Mine is… Guess what… Shen_W00 . none of you where expecting that

Oh, also, if I’m rushing, the request will come through with a note saying Christopher Quinn would like to add you. This was ever since I let my dad play on my iPad once and he set up “his account” so yeah…

I know the feeling…

Game Center appears to be having issues. I’ve received a few requests from people but, upon going to accept it, I get told I have “no requests”.

I have been having similar issues Ashley. It’s because apple is running server maintenance, hopefully they’ll be done soon.

Mine is stary blues.

Add me

Doomhunter! (with the exclamation point at thend end)

Credit of the name goes to lars. XD

Lol, he has copyright on it

Mine’s PREDleader to all those who wish to add me!


Mine is  Experimental Turbit. It’s in my signature as well.

Added a few if you; I might come up as “Austin”

I am, surprise surprise: Pitta 93 :smiley:

(note, there is a space between the “a” and the “9”)

Christ_Calls is mine

Are u christ_calls from geomon?!

Anyways, my game center is jetman91