Officially Gone MementoMori (another narcissist thread title)

Hey guys i just wanted to say goodbye for good as of today my account has a new owner so i won’t be arround any more.

I don’t have LINE since i stopped playing and i left all the WhatsApp groups of Neo too so i want to say goodbye to the few members of this community who were amazing people and i would like to call friends

@DRACARYS My sempai (mentor) tooked me under his wing when i was a noob and helped me a massive lot to grow as a player i know we have had our ups and downs after i left TNC but all i take with me it’s all the good times we spended trolling arround in TNC and the extremely long conversations we had on private about teambuilding and strategies and other things (so long that my GF though i was cheating on her because she couldn’t understand that i spended so much time talking with someone… :joy::joy::joy:)

@Josuinho Josu had absolutely nothing to do with me nor a reason to talk to me but he congratulated me on the first time i reached the top 50 in PvP, i was deeply touched by that he (THE BEST) took the time to congratulate me a completely nobody since then we chatted regularly and i will tell you a secret my first top 10 was thanks to him i had 49 K rating and there was like 10 min left of ranking so i decided to play one last match to enter the top 10 guess who showed up… Yes the red lion icon with the name ONE Josuinho… I said to myself it’s over let me say that he had a new FL that match with Tricranium (recently buffed the damage of Dual Hellfire mortar) and he LET ME WIN (he didn’t recognized it but i know when someone lets me win) i couldn’t believe such a gesture, till today he is the ONLY player that i am certain i could never overcome skillwise

@Guesswhosback Sherlock as Josuinho supported me since i was an underdog and actually cheered for me on my 1st top 10 he wanted me to take Canis to the top 10 :joy::joy::joy:. Fun fact this is such a humble person that took teambuilding advice from ME!!! A person that’s been playing from day 1 actually listened me!!! I was like WTF i couldn’t believe it and it’s not like he needs it because his teams are AWSOME

@NMEGaryOak This guy it’s amazing some take his jokes seriously amd miss the opportunity to meet a great guy and for those who may doubt it VERY NICE PERSON. His troll teams have most teambuilding in them that 90 % of the top 10 players every season so i would advise you all to stop undermining it and now with his awakened Sui :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: poor DLGZ guys

@Marianne Great friend we had regular talks every week and DAILY during ranked we helped each other on what strategy were running the other top 10s and i always GG her when she was playing undercover :new_moon_with_face:

@ONE_Raghnius This is another amazing friend. He actually gave me teambuilding advice for my UC team when i was competing against him!!!

@Tanbeer great friend one of the nicest guys in this forum for sure and a very creative teambuilder

@NML_I_am_Black @Gentle6789 dude another massive joker who i liked lots great guy amd don’t mess arround with his Pola Rega FL :grimacing: or he will wreck your ■■■ off :joy::joy::joy:

@Alvarez another amazing person and friend

@Bouncy Bro ALWAYS STRONG!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Well that’s pretty much it sorry if i forgot someone I’ve been gone for more than 3 months now

I wish you all the best except @Killerdog @LemonSqueezy @TheDucktator and most of DLGZ who i hate to death (:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: nah joking i don’t like any of them but not that much and i do wish them all the best as well)

So bye i will be active for a couple of days more to check my friends answers and chat a little but now it’s 100 certain that i won’t be playing again


You will be greatly missed! The forum has gotten dull since you and a few other ppl left (and einstein got banned) so I hope others can stir up some drama in your place. also sry for lying to u when I told you some ppl were mad that lemon kicked u from the lounge.

I’ll let him know via Discord that you said this.

Best wishes,


Edited your post to help you tag Tanbeer. See you MementoMori


We had moments of good affinity, other moments of bad affinity.
I won’t say I’ll miss you because in this game actually people I will really miss are few and important friends, but I wish you the best of luck in life and any other project you will decide to start or continue.

Another top player is gone, I hope your account has a good owner because you did a lot for it.


Wow. I hope we stay in touch outside of neo. You are a good hearted person and I enjoyed seeing you become a great player. I will be traveling soon to europe and some of the Caribbean islands, hoping to meet you and other players on my journey. Thank you for the kind words and always be yourself. That’s what i enjoyed most about talking to you, you never held back and I loved every bit of it. Ciao amigo.



Damn i tagged you with the intention of someone letting you know because i thought you were completely out of the forum.

Hermano sabes como te respeto y de verdad quisiera conocerte.

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I’ve been lurking arround and i can confirm it you guys need some toxicity to make things fun :joy::joy::joy:



Thanks man actually I’ve been studying Italian for the last month i love the language and everything about Italy and it’s history i would love to live there someday


Never say never my friend, life is long and you are still young. Maybe we will meet there someday!


fr I need more thread wars to read and some sarcastic, and passive-aggresive comments, that’s so funny and interesting to read :joy:

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Like me fighting every F2P in my nerf threads. :joy:

That goes usually over 100 comments in few hours.

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I love arguing

Oh yeah that’s my favorite, especially the “Carole Bastia” that one is ~perfect~

I can see that :joy:

Ahahaha that’s by @LemonSqueezy when was still using a F2P account :rofl:

And don’t even get me started with those about Canis :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Damn that was hardcore

Yeah that was epic, people coming from no where just to say I am P2W and I wanted Cani nerfed because I could not deal with him :joy:

Canishogun totally deserved to get nerfed lol. That said, I do think that underdog should be reverted back to 70tu since it won’t be too powerful right now anyway

At the time you was against either, I remember I went quite personal to you.

100% agree actually now looking back the best nerf should have been a Speed decrease to something between 75-85


What didn’t deserve to get nerfed was freezecobra’s speed and goldtail/flocculasaurus didn’t deserve to get completely slaughtered. A smaller nerf would’ve been fine but goldtail and flocc are dead now