Not getting diamonds

I’ve now won 2 pvp matches, and lost 1, and still have zero diamonds. What gives?

…How in the actual heck are you in master league with 2 wins?

Damn good question. All I want is for pvp to give rewards. Dont care if I get stuck in rookie league, I have a good team.

Notifying Ryan now

Thanks, appreciate it.

Strangely enough I’m having the exact same problem

We’re looking at this problem right now. If you could tell us your device type and os, that would help a lot!

Sorry for the problems!

Hey, I’m having the same issue. Never done PVP before, tried it out today and was instantly in masters leaugue. Have played about 10 games now and not recieved diamonds for any of my wins. Also, right after the rewards screen is gone, the game sends me back to town istead of back to the PVP menu. When I go back to PvP, there are no diamonds.

OS is at version 6.1.3

im pretty sure my phones a 4, it says “model #MD439LL/A”.

Well, it does say if its an iPhone 4 or whatever on the back…

Also, each iPhone is very physically different from each generation…

iphone 4 

os 7.1.2

And don’t stress it too much. It’s a fun game!

Ipad, the type right before the air, and most recent OS

Same issue
Iv having same problem iv played 4 games pvp iv won 2 lost 2 im in master leauge and it says I’m suppose to get 500 dimonds a win I still have zero:/

Not receiving diamonds - iPhone 5 iOS 7.1.2
Have won close to 800 in battles but none received

They’re looking into it, guys…

Just post your Device Model and current iOS if you’re having this problem

And be specific. A lot more helpful than a model number or the type before something

Like IPhone 4 or the HD IPad.

hey guys, for the people having issues, what version of the app are you on? 2.01 (the newest one)? it should say on the bottom right corner of the title page. 

Yes I am on v2.01

Yes newest version and I have iPhone 4s also when I fix it demote me back I keep getting rektd by these master guys><

Hi, we’ve been looking at this but so far we havent been able to reproduce it with our devices.

It would be great if one of you could volunteer to send me your savefile. Once we get your savefile we should in theory be able to debug it right away.

Getting your savefile out of the phone is a bit complex but I can walk you through it. Please PM me if you have 30 minutes to spare for this.

Thank you!

You are working on the weekend again. Your dedication is appreciated.

I’m on an ipad, is that any easier?