PvP Bug

Ok, so I’ve been working on PvPing and getting the diamond rewards, but a really dissapointing bug has been occuring. I made my way up to the third league, and then my first battle, which I was winning, turned into a loss. I clearly won, and knocked out their entire team, but it still told me I was defeated, and did not give me the amount of diamonds it should have if I had won. This has happened time after time, and I can no longer win any battles. I’m demoted to the lowest league, and can’t get back to where I was…Does anyone else have this issue, or know of any way to fix it?

Yes, this is a reoccuring bug and they are working on it.

All I can say it make sure you’re in a good wifi area, and you can try switching to 3g as well, but I don’t know if that will help.

Sorry, and please sit tight.

My Pvp won’t load. When I click on the find opponent icon the online bit closes down and I go back to the game. Is there anything I can do to stop it.

How long have you been waiting? Does it shut down immediately or is it at least a minute or two?

My PvP won’t even come up. I click find an opponent but it just goes back to the town I’m in.

Sorry for the late reply. It shuts down immediately.

Yeah that is the same for me

May I know your device type and os? Also, does it ever go to the screen with a blue cancel button? (waiting for opponent screen)

I’m on the I pad with iOS 6 no it goes straight back to story mode

Which iPad? iPad 1

it helps Ryan help you :slight_smile:

I have the I pad 4

No worries it’s working again

When I battled against a friend in pvp I got 777 diamonds

I have had this problem too! It has happened three times now. I’ve wiped out the whole enemy team yet still the defeated message pops up and I only get half the diamonds I should. Also it screwed up my perfect record :frowning: