Way to fix the game 🍻

Usually play for fun, while drinking. Kept hearing that I should try pvp before I hit 100 bc it gets much harder. I did try it once, around level 20 roughly. Was way too slow for me, who just wanted it to be what I wanted it to be; a fairly fun distraction…

… Anyway, was nearly at 100 finally, long>short, irrelevant issues,… But! It did keep bringing thoughts, to drunk me, of either: typical skimping on servers, or, the funny thought of players with calculators and spreadsheets :crazy_face:

Background thoughts: I never bothered learning what most monsters can even do. If they’re not a really serious problem, I just didn’t bother checking their skills. No plans here of trying to be a pro; just wanted fun.

Anyway, to half drunkenly try to tie all this half together,:
… Even drunk me could figure out what a huge majority of monsters had simply by bumping into the same thing over and over (besides since of those crazy mythics the devs came up with while being more messed up than me; share that stuff!)…

Anyway, my drunken funny (to me) suggestion:

Cosmetics (basically).

Also gotta mix up those strict times among the repetitive pet sets; not a ton, at all, not even my much really. Take 3-10 seconds from one thing and add it to another in the power set…

So yeah, basically those 2 things. Let people choose what their monster will look like. Combine that with slightly fiddled tones, and bring some fun back, and money, instead of this child beauty pageant they’ve started to rely on, way too much.

In short (I tried to keep it sorry anyway, lol), it seems this game might die soon. Maybe not, but been there before, spending too much just to see something end. Hopefully they come up with something, bc this game really is fun. I just hated started to get into it tonight, then thoughts about trying to get better, then thoughts on how much like homework it can become, then I’m not playing anymore really, then just seeing it disappear one day.

Anyway, I hope it stays going somehow, bc it is fun :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m not bothering editing; far too much of a blurry drowsy night, even though I had a few laughs :beers:

dude you’re drunk


Lmfao :rofl:

I’ve read this like 50 times and laugh each time :joy::joy:

We need a drunk post section, for drunk people that have concerns or issues. Just get drink and spill your emotions out to us! I’d literally get on forum everyday.