no online mission this weekend?

Was the chillqueen event it for the week?

Last week, yes.

This week, back to the same old grind

Bu it isnt out yet

You almost got me there for a sec… I was reading the title & was like, man, really??

They havent released new info

Goldenhorn. Why om for a card we all have

Not everyone has. People that don’t time & aren’t lucky enough to get from eggs, won’t have them.

Plus u get 1 grade booster & the OM reward is copperhorn, it’s pre-evo.

Goldenhorn. Why om for a card we all have

It’s bad enough that you time eggs and gain an unfair advantage over the other players. It becomes a whole lot worse when you say other players shouldn’t have ANY opportunity at the monster because you, as a timer, already have it.

That’s pretty much adding insult to injury. And that’s uncalled for, if you ask me.

I dont time eggs so i dont have it yet

Good, less people going for it = better chance for me to get one in the 1% bracket

I dont time eggs. I suck at it. Mines are all got by spending real money

Then u are very lucky :stuck_out_tongue: I once wasted 75 euro but didn’t got any egg-exclusives haha but I hope to get it this time.

Yes i just close my etes and hope for the best lol.