“prepare for trouble and make it mccdouble” ~ nightrider

NH + NR + GT + TT = GG  :smiley:

This dude might even be able to counter chronox on it’s own , not chronozeros though.

I don’t think it’s a front line monster.

The thing about night night is that it has to be tailored very specifically to certain matchups (I’m basing this off my front line, which is more or less optimised against the current meta outside of zibgazer). Sleep you have to roll the dice on the soulstealer sleep all, if it’s in your favour you win the front, if they ultradusk then you have tiamad to follow up. Chronozeros can only kill one monster (I have yet to see the damage of timestrike all from chronozeros but against chronozar it did not kill anything even after a stun pulse) and even if worst case scenario it kills nightrider you have a follow up in the form of tiamad. 

The point I’m making is that you don’t gain any wins from matchups that you did not have the possibility of getting without it, but you lose far harder against the matchups that do counter you already.

I’m willing to admit that it’s certainly viable, I just think that it’s a risk that you don’t need to take.

I’ll use him on the frontline. got a setup ready that will wtfbbq :wink:

Come at me bro. You may have eyeballed me to death last time but this is my turf now XD

Same here - I’ll take you on - imagine it’s the same line up ;)

i just hope the setup is not what i had in mind

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