Next OM?

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could give a spoiler on the next om since it hasn’t been released in the bazaar yet, so im really curious/excited because i hear all these awesome arks are coming out such as astroleon golgem vortexor and many more!

I think its gonna end up being a mystery .

The new missions only been out a day, maybe 48 hours…

expect the revealation on thursday or friday on facebook

Im so hoping for Astroleon but I doubt that since it is in golden eggs

Subzeratops was in eggs, too. And it was a mission monster.

I see! Then I keep my hopes high!

I’m pretty sure It could be a wind ark, hoping for Triphoon or Ninjagale

I’m betting on Ninjagale.

I’m hoping, that life flip is calling my name lol

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninjagale had a move that wrecked te game, i think it’ll be awhile before it’s released…

Ninjagale would be awesome as well

Wind or mindless for sure , there has been Holy , water , earth , fire and dark

…maybe Vortrexor.

Or Garudahawk.

I havnt heard much about garudahawk so kind of hoping it’s not him. If it folows any sort of pattern a lower level star would be next alond with air type, so i would think best bet’s are on garuda(not hoping for) or ninjagale.

I hope ninja
That life flip is very valuable

I wish it was the 4 baby dragons 5 each s rank and their recipes. Haha. LOL​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: