Will there be no more OM after the new game comes out?

The title kinds explains its it but I’m wondering because if there’s not gonna be anymore people will get upset because they would have missed out. Because I know I’d be pretty upset personally cuz there’s so many OM That I haven’t been able to get but would want. So will there still be OMs every week or what…?

I hope they will continue with online missions , i miss many OM monsters (in particular those from the older missions) and I would like to collect more monsters possibile

There will most likely be additional online content after release - what form that takes exactly, I can’t say for sure.

There should be. I believe it can be automatically posted if it isn’t already.

thanks no name!! text me btw dude

Missions will start next week! :slight_smile:
Read it on last FB post in the H.I. Page :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re talking about Hunter Island xD