Last Season online monsters

Hey guys!

What about The Last Season OM-Monsters? Are they finally realeased for Open Hunt?
Anybody find some?


Not yet. This is not an online game, unless there’s an update released (which we are all still waiting for), there won’t be new arks in the wild…

I want new arks

Don’t you want to have access to destructor??

I’d gladly swap more than half of my om arks with destructor…

I want desturctor and at least a couple of gearwolfs.


have I mentioned I really, REALLY like Gearwolf?

Lets not  forget Shadow Stalker! Perhaps the best OM ark of season 1!

Yes I’ve heard of it many times XD

Btw I personally think Geary is powerful indeed but perhaps he’s the weakest among all the 11stars currently released.

It was my first OM, it served my team well~ but I kicked him out of the team recently :frowning:

Well, I am too good at what I do :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s ok at PvP, but with the shadow ocarina he is dominates in the infinite dungeon.

I only got lucky with Stego the blue dino one on my new game,

so I am looking to farming for the OM mission arks. c:

Stego the blue Dino?

subzeratops i believe


Can you please stop spamming all the thread ?! Especially with a message like this…

It’s very irritating when I log in, and it says that there are new posts, that bump a dead thread with ‘lol’ there is really no need to and no point to it really.

Honestly if they release the monsters how would u get the recipes?

They have plans, Kab

Just watch and wait