New Weekly event ?

Should’nt the new Weekly event start today?:slight_smile:

Not quite. But very soon now…

And that means what exactly?:smiley:

…that it starts soon lol

I hope so cuz the game is boring if u finished the storyline and all the missions

Infinite dungeon! Hunt for better grades! Get all monsters to 99! Catch all the monsters! Lots to do. 

Mmm kinda agree with Jean on this one, despite there being ‘lots to do’ post storyline, its rather robotic…I think ill be making a trip to the suggestion section soon

working on it! give us a couple more days! 

Might consider changing the name “weekly event” to just Event ?:wink:

Thanks a bunch for letting us know. I really appreciate it n.n

I’m sure that most people wouldn’t mind. 

A couple more days? So i won’t have to stay up tonight? Yay i can go get drunk without worrying about getting jibbed for the prizes :smiley:

ANTIC. 4 years in the future of these threads and I have grown a lot since then!

And things still the same!!!even bugs got worste and all we are seeing is new monster.some are full of bugs and rest are ridiculously OP.
I hope next update change things around here.
F2P Arash