New ways to get soul stones?

Soul stones are the most important currency in the game. But there r only a few ways to achieve soul stones. Can’t there be an event which is not so easy to complete, but gives soul stones more often. The limited time events for 1 month finish off really quickly. And daily rewards stop giving soul stones. I’m on level 74 rn so I find the other awards useless. What does everyone else think? (Great addition of PvP events tho, random but ok)

Do you mean one that you can farm and comes regularly like the evolution material quests? Or are you simply asking for more events at one time?

Soul stones can be gained from the event content, among other rewards. There are only short breaks from one event to the next. It’s not like they’re a rarity. The other way you get them is through purchases.

Personally, in the long run I’d like to see more events on at once so you have a variety of content to play at any one time as well as ranked PvP giving some rewards for success there. Hopefully they’ll go down this road.

Right now there are only 4 ways of earning soul stones.

  1. Campaign. Playing full campaign gives you several thousand soul stones. Normal and hard mode possible
  2. The 2 up to 5 weeks event. Always one active a time. This depends on the event itself but nosy around 500 to 1000 stones
  3. Achievements. Very limited to first 20 pvp wins and player level.
  4. Login bonus. Logging in a full month especily towards end from 27th to 30/31th gives you a good amount of stones plus the milestones like 100 days, 150days etc.

That’s it. Getting SSRs are imho pure luck. I have several accounts with just 0 or only 1 SSR while on one I have 5 SSR - free2play of course.

Let’s see what the ranked pvp will offer as reward starting soon