New update boiiiis

Lez talk about it. Looks like AP spam is pretty much in its grave, with dusi unable to synergize as well with them, and twig very soon on the prowl. VERY pleased with this outcome. The bloom and angelion nerds are very welcome as well and likely all that needs to happen to them.

I absolutely love that the weaker mons are able to be bonused now… quite overdue, but very nice of the devs to open up some potential for them.

My only real question is… why nerf lunalord? No, seriously… I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused about something in my life lol. What could Luna of all things have done to warrant this?


There is no guaranteed egg pack and no login bonus for the celebration

Patience, now… the anniversary celebration has yet to come. Updates never get that much fanfare.

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May be it start on 18/10

I think they are trying to make pve harder by nerfing lunalord. I’m not quite sure tho.

Edit: did they just kill the infinite grovos combo? Lol

Edit: they removed the shield from the purple flutterdrake… noooooo :pleading_face:

Edit: the raw and sneak attack buff tho :speak_no_evil: this definitely kills Protecters as a whole…

If that was their intention then they should’ve nerfed doom or blitz, because that’s who people actually use :confused:

Yup, no more infinite grovo. There may be more than one sprig by using pull back, but never more than one grovo.

Honestly fair. Salvia has plenty going for it with GT, high defense, and the ability to clone itself.

Protectors will certainly still have value… it’s just that they now have significantly more aggressive checks, and they’ll have to be reduced back to about 2-4 within a team, which is what’s intended.

The thing is, grovo with Auro is also dead so…

This combo should’ve never existed :joy:

  • GaryOak aka the best Auro user in Neo

I mean I have neither so I’m not bothered at all but it was never hard to deal with.

But that Oakthulhu nerf hit me hard.

Only from the second form. Now you have to evolve it to get the shield… much more balanced. 7 cost tanky protector with GT and shield entrance was way too much.


I agree the flutterdrake is more balanced now. They need to nerf many unevolved super epics.
Some legends too. Leogiest second form should not have stun counter btw. I’m currently avoiding evolving it for that reason.

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AP’ needed a Nerf not all monsters with freaken protect skills. At the moment I think the Bloom Nerf is fair. But not when combined with the AP nerf. Aka the biggest strategy Nerf in neo history. Wow they really threw the book at AP spam lol. It’s kinda funny :rofl: The crazy nerfs they did was enough to stop bloom. Heck removing RNG would have been enough. So why nerf Bloom itself? I’m not to fussed about it though. It’s still a great mon.

Also Oakthulu nerf?? This probably effects pve more than PvP. Not sure how.many people are able to use poison syphon 5 times in PvP anyway. I don’t use Oak but I think it’s an unnecessary nerf. They already nerfed his repulse not that long ago.

@ Devs
Can we have separate finctions of monsters for PvE and PvP?
I’m sick of PvP nerfs hitting PvE as well. The complaints are always PvP based. But with every nerf PvE gets hit as well. I’m pretty pissed with all protectors not working properly in PvE more so than PvP

I’m Soo pissed RNG still exists though.
I still can’t use BB to reliably kill stag or Mammoth when two protectors are on the field. The RNG caused the most stress. What were the devs thinking?
Oh and they better make RAW and sneak attack monsters more available now. Thanks for isolating a large portion of the community. We don’t have that many RAW monsters available!!. Anyway I will see what I got…and work with it. Will be a fun challenge.

Also they just made the game more PayToWin.–
Reducing the cost of mythics (disagree with) and weakening most second form ones (agree with)
It’s gonna become a Mythic only PvP. No more brains only money. Heading that way already.
P2W rules more than ever.

No all negative many positive things with this update as well

This is my short version rant. I will be back.
:smiling_imp: :rofl:


:微笑:I suggest changing the cost of myth to 10.

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Omg thank you, chris… I almost threw away my whole field.

I think the bloom nerf makes sense. Other monsters have instant self reload skill but bloom has it more versitile which makes sense since bloom was supposed to be a mortar support monster hence the stun absorber.

I’m glad RAW skills got buffed. Just not sure if this is the right buff. I probably would have preferred the ignore shield and Hold ground buff. Meh…

Also sneak attack deserved a buff as well. Will be very interesting if protectors are used at all anymore. If Protectors are completely killed that is sad and not healthy. Looking forward to PvP!!

Yeah it does make sense on it’s own. But the complaints about Bloom have always been in connection with AP’s. They already killed AP’s so for that reason I don’t see the need. Again I’m not to fussed about it.

Something they need to nerf is the ability to reuse motordragons entrance passive when revived. I won’t be pushing for it though.

The nerf on Poison Siphon is rather baffling, truth be told. I know that Oak is an amazing monster, but I didn’t think it was that oppressive to the point that it needed a nerf.

Pretty good suggestion, but don’t think it’s enough. Maybe change them to 8 cost?

@Mr.X how do you feel about this update?