New testing feature

Hey did you guys noticed the new testing feature in the super challange battle, i think its awesome

Yeah. It’s really cool.


Test batlle with a new legendary, very similar to the side quest “logic” fights

But they had already added Cryptblade and Horroclaw as testers xD

haha yes

Only thing I’d say it’s a bit biased because the opponents play into the strength of the monster you can test which is giving the wrong idea how strong he actually is.

Yea, but at least we get the moveset without having to wait for someone to post on this forum. Makes this game more accessible to the people off the forum. Also, it allows us to understand the kind of situation which makes the monster strong, to build a strat around it, kinda like a hint, although I’d like to think we’re even more adaptable and figure out newer ways of using each monster like ziber kong.