Online Story Hell Mode

Just did story hell mode chapter 3 final mission… where you fight Terragar god mode along with some ridiculously buffed monsters (mostly earth). Sheesh that was ridiculously tough.

First try I failed because I didn’t know what to expect. Second try I’d built a team specifically to fight it… got absolutely destroyed. Made some big tweaks and nearly got destroyed again but somehow managed to RNG my way through with the targets the AI made and Tenebris.

The Terragar god is ridiculous. It does OoO at the start, makes 40 rocks then proceeds to get 3 piercing kills each time it gets a move… a 1TU single target followed by a double target. The link accelerate team speeds it up super annoyingly. It has over 30k health, camouflage and hold ground.

On my third attempt I got stuck against Terragar, Canishogun, Astrogolem and 30+ rocks. The number of piercing attacks flying my way was ridiculous and the rocks blocked my attacks nearly 10 times in a row to begin with… I don’t know how I pulled through.

@Dev_VKC I’m loving hell mode so far and the incredibly tough challenges it brings!


You are welcome! We are always happy to hear that players like it!
Don’t forget that you can summon Friend Monster at anytime in the battle!
Nulltron or Dragulus will be very useful in Terragar boss battle.
I hope this kind of challenge will make Friend Monster play more important role in the battle :star_struck:


Yeah I got a friendly Dragulus (not awakened) but sadly its entry was poorly timed so it got killed by Tiamazus’ poison eater immediately. Nulltron is one I forgot about at the time but would definitely be an ideal pick for the battle.

I agree that friend monsters being important is a great aspect of these tough challenges. It takes me back to the early days of my time playing the online content when I used other people’s legendaries to clear the missions!

I thought you were whining about it but thank god im wrong :relieved:

Im stuck here huhuhu any tips?

Bring nultron and dragulus