New pvp restriction list

So the restriction list ended and a new one will be here for the comming pvp , what do you think should be there or think will be there ?
For me and whithout doubt myst Poseidon should be both limited

Idgaf it’ll be ■■■■ like it always was.


I am expecting water to start getting poked by the restriction list ngl

I think we’ll first see some balancing updates in the next few days.

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Yeah i hope so im excited to see the new balance update

I agree with this!!!

People just find alternatives for the same old teams with the list. Mal gets nerfed. Run sober. Etc.

Or the same rotation of teams.

I would much rather see an incentives list, where if your team features certain monsters you get more rewards. That would diversify the meta. :partying_face::partying_face:


I like the inverse idea. A list of monsters such that, if you use more than a certain amount of monsters from the list, your RP and Rating will diminish. The decrease being harder the more monsters you use.

You’re not forcibly prevented from using any monster, in fact there’s no restriction at all… But using certain monsters will basically prevent you from getting top spots simply because you’ll be getting rating at a much slower rate than other competitors.