Evaluation of the restriction list. Survey inside. PLEASE VOTE!

People of the forum,

We now have played four seasons under the impression of the restriction List. There were two lists and we just received Number 3. According to Dev VKC the goal of the list was to make PvP feel “fresh” and increase “team diversity”.

VKC also stated that the list was built to target top tier PvP because according to him its the most “stale tier”. So while the forum usually is not representative for the community, in this case things look a bit different because a lot of the top tier players are actually in here, so we should be to get a good picture of the list.

So here’s the poll. Please pay intention to the different questions. The answers will require you to take into account the answers you have given before. Also please take your time and think about the answers. It took a lot of time to create that poll and the intention is to collect some honest feedback.

Question 1: All lists considered: Are you personally (looking at your own account) happy with the addition of the restriction list feature?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Question 2: All lists considered: If you look at the bigger picture and not only at your own account: Do you think the list improved the PvP as whole experience and made PvP feel fresh again.

  • The list improved the PvP experience (voted happy in question 1)
  • The list did not improve the PvP experience (voted happy in question 1)
  • The list improved the PvP experience (voted unhappy in question 1)
  • The list did not improve the PvP experience (voted unhappy in question 1)

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Question 3: Taking into account the dominant strategies before the list was released: Retribution FL, Rock Lock, Stun Lock, Poison Endgame, Link Fire Endgame, Moku Endgame. Do you feel like the restriction list had a significant impact on any of these strategies?

  • No significant impact on any of the strategies
  • Significant impact on 1/6 strategies
  • Significant impact on 2/6 strategies
  • Significant impact on 3/6 strategies
  • Significant impact on 4/6 strategies
  • Significant impact on 5/6 strategies
  • Significant impact on 6/6 strategies

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Question 4: According to Dev VKC another goal of the list was to “increase team diversity” Do you think this goal was reached in the last four PvP seaons?

  • Yes
  • No

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Question 5: Do you feel like mythics and legends get treated equally when it comes down to the question whether they should be restricted or not? Please take into account that there are roughly four times as many legends as there are mythics in the game!

  • Yes
  • No

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Question 6: Do you feel like the same standards are applied when it comes down to restrict Mythics and Legends? What is meant here is whether you think or not that a very common mythic gets restricted with the same consequence as a very common legend. Please take into account that there are roughly four times as many legends as there are mythics in the game!

  • Yes, same standards are applied
  • No, to me it seems like there are double standards

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Question 7: Do you feel like the way the list is put together is transparent and reasonably easy to understand?

  • Yes, the monsters on the list make sense to me
  • Yes, with a few exceptions I can understand why the monsters were put on the list
  • No, most monsters don’t make sense to me
  • Not at all

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Question 8: What do you think about the number of monsters put on the list?

  • I am happy with the number of monsters currently restricted
  • I think the number of monsters put on the list should be decreased
  • I think the number of monsters on the list should be increased

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Question 9:

Do you think second form mythics should be restricted when the final form gets put on the list?

  • Yes
  • No

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Question 10: All things considered: Did you like PvP better with or without the list? You can choose more than one option!

  • I like PvP better with the list
  • I did like PvP better without the List
  • I dislike the list in its current state but I think it could improve the PvP experience if it was changed in some aspects

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If you chose option 3 in Question 9: Which changes would need be done to the for it to effectively improve the PvP experience for you?

  • Dominant Strategies (e.g. Link fire, rock lock) need to be targeted more specifically and effectively so the list actually has a chance to increase team diversity
  • The number of monsters on the list should be increased
  • The number of monsters on the list should be decreased
  • The way the list gets put together should be more transparent
  • There should be more mythics on the list
  • 5 Star and below should only be restricted when unavoidable
  • Instead of limiting monsters, users who use monsters from the list should get less RP for using restricted monsters
  • Get rid of the existing double standards when it comes down to restrict mythics and legends.

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If you have any further remarks please write them down in the thread. Thank you!

The hardest thing about the list for me, was the fact that in ONE we lost a well respected clan mate because of it. In no uncertain terms stated he was leaving due to the list and a heavy focus on mythics - which was taking away the enjoyment of the game. A fantastic player, lovely guy and we miss him dearly. RIP Urpetrax. We bow our heads in respect. :pensive:


This isn’t a poll. A poll is one question. This is a survey, which has many questions. Change the thread title to reflect this.


Very good point. Changed it :slight_smile:


Good survey. I found questions 5 and 6 a little unclear what they’re asking and not sure about my answers to them. Also there’s a typo in the final question where it refers to Question 9 (I think you mean 10?) and it’s not clear which is “option 3” - should’ve just said something like “if you picked the option in the last question to change some aspects, which would you choose to change?”

Don’t go changing those now because it resets the polls.

I look forward to seeing the results. I’ll share it on the discord too

I don’t like restrictions. I like the big balance every season


Thanks for pointing these out though

Huh you guys are just spamming awekend mythic and defeating low tier players like me :rofl::rofl:


That’s one fine obituary…
May his career in Neo …RIP

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Tbh I wish the restrictions last the full season

Question 8 was hard to answer because I have quite a large monster collection and wouldn’t mind restricting more monsters but I do see that some people have more limited collections and wouldn’t want to see that.

Also as several forum users including @SHIKAOTOKO and @Randolph have already remarked, the number of legendary potions that are distributed as rewards should DRASTICALLY be increased, because the S tier monsters will almost always take priority in the potion list. When I could play a strategy with lower tier monsters, it can become a liability just because I feel can’t afford potting them.

So @Dev_VKC please increase the number of legend potions that is distributed like you promised! I found it laughable that showdown tower floor 12 only gave one legend pot as a reward! It should be something like 3.


Was there an option 3, or is it me?

Ima be very honest here, the Devs are restricting the most used mons only regardless of tier, what the top players used the most, those are what gets restricted, theres no nova no orca, ange, etc etc, now for the next season people will start spamming them alot and on the next list they will get restricted and the current ones removed(because of the restriction nd because of people not using them), and then itll go on like that, the most used ones in top tier spam will be restricted, i feel they should make atleast 2 of them permanent on the restriction list, its just an opinion, because for every two season the list will be shuffled again and itll continue like that on and on.
Atleast there is one positive outcome of this, the meta doesnt remain stale

Also With the new SE wavetail, thats a big nerf in retri, worms, thlugs, FLs as I Saw KD may have said it somewhere, I would only add one retribution mon on this list either jag or basher.

They made a good choice with magma(not because of his tier, but hes on the most used list)

All these are just are just my insights on this, I have no qualms with the list but even as a nova orca and ange user, i still think they should’ve left atleast one of them on the first restriction.

That explains why he hasn’t played for so long, it hurts for him

Preach brother!!

I still think we are hurrying with our judgements, there is good chance we willn’t see repeat of many of previous monsters because this month meta will change(for good or worse). People are forgetting that we get lot of mons in Anniversary.
Not to mention i don’t think anyone would dispute most of the mons on the list this time(other than Spiderina), Most of them are ones which everyone was complaining about in forum. So its definitely an improvement from previous lists…
PS: I think Dev doesn’t want Laxus to try his newly awakened Waifu. That’s why she is on the list.

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My only issue with the restriction list is that FD Maeve isn’t on it

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And she won’t be for good reason… She is a new mythic compared to the previous ones. Maybe they will keep her if players having her were more in population. That will be the case probably for 6 months or more…