¿ De verdad ayuda la lista de restricción a fomentar la diversidad de equipo?

The restriction list was created with the aim of fostering diversity in the teams, but in my humble opinion has not fulfilled its objective. I’m going to give an example of these last three seasons . In the two previous seasons he has just finished, it was very common to meet Nauticruiser + Auraleus, Poseidon or Dolphins, the poison was limited but then there was a lot of stunning. In the latter the stunning was limited but there was excessive use of the poison all this caused by the restriction list. For all this I think the list does not meet your goal. If you delete the list and give you nerf to broken strategies such as Nauticruiser + Auraleus, Poseidon and others that we already know the game will be balanced again and there will be diversity in the teams.


And in the time before the restriction list we wouldn’t see things changing from one season to the next… we’d see the same things used for many months in a row.

The restricting list doesn’t mean they’ve stopped doing buffs and nerfs. They’re still doing those too


the strun is killing us

Personally I think that everything that is happening in the Neo Monster is caused by the constant nerfs, when nerfing a good legendary everyone will have to resort to others and so on until no one has much to choose from, for this time the Sanctuary came great, so users can expand their list of Monsters a little more and learn more about the Monsters. I think this list is made to decrease the nerf a bit, Limiting. The best thing would be to either reduce the list of limited Monsters or eliminate it and reduce the Nerf, in the end the least affected are those with an advanced account. I don’t want to highlight why this issue of limitations is more than muddy in the forum. Dolphins: 4 months limited = 4 months using them consecutively.

nerves are necessary to maintain balance in any game, the list of limitations is not that it really works but its purpose is understandable, in my very personal opinion the problem is in the daze and the time it takes to get new monsters even saving Gems, after a while the game will be balanced because many players will have several awakened mythics and the gap between f2p and p2w will disappear, after that everyone will have many awakened and big accounts the game will reach the same point it is now or before of the limitations and then if it opened to find a solution


And then the p2w will have spent money in vain, they are the ones who support this game and you really say that? XDXD. If you want to be at the level of a P2W save for a year and wake up mythical.

I’m sure I’m at the level of any p2w, you always think I’m talking about myself, but I’m talking about the game in general, I don’t know where you see the problem

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So just don’t complain, let whoever wants to be up to any P2W speak for himself. Oh and one question, do you have something against the stun? Why?

I have already said it several times, if there were no stun people could play infinite new combinations and it is something that I would like to see

I think we’d find that without stun some other things would become very unbalanced. Stun keeps a lot of things in check. Control mechanics are good like that

I don’t think other things for example if you look at the best monsters in the game with some exemptions they are immune

without stun the game would be unbalanced. Those who want to try new things can try it in PvE or protect themselves from the stun. Use Bisector or something like that. I have seen several teams that are not Spam Immune and still hard to stun him.

So, with the arrival of new Legend/Immune Myths, everything is resolved without the need to eliminate it.

no it’s not resolved, it’s not even unbalanced or overly powerful it just affects diversity by being the first factor to consider when building a team

Stun in my opinion can be countered, in the game there are many monsters immune to stun, the poison is much more broken than the stun, It’s understandable that if you limit the stun but give poison free rein the game is going to be unbalanced for the poison. That’s why I say that the list only creates imbalance in the game.

Is this true @DonT89



It’s clear that this guy is out of his mind🤣100 gems🤣 is more than crazy thing


just ban stun immunes in PVP for 2 seasons - problem solved

Ban anything that has stun in it’s text
Even Daunt skills