New player

Hey guys I just bought this game last night and I’m kind of confused. When in battle is there like set team I use like in Pokemon? Or do all the monsters I catch battle?

First 3 battle. If one gets beat the next in line replaces it

Ah thanks man. And also I’m guessing the high the letter a monster the better it is? A being the best?

First of all…welcome! Hope you enjoy it. It really is a great game. Also, welcome to the forums! n.n

Anyways, you’re partially correct. The higher the letter, the higher the chance of that monster receiving a bonus action, meaning it can attack more than once in that “turn.” The highest grade is S.

Thanks for the welcome (: oh so A is the lowest?

E is lowest then d then c then b then a then s. S is best

Ah ok thanks saul.

So when catching stuff you always want to aim for an s or a. There rarer though

Yep and Those have a higher chance of getting bonus actions !

And welcome to the forums!

Thanks guys for the help and warm welcomes! I am enjoying this game a lot, I have POKEMON Y but due to the lack of a 3ds/2ds I currently can’t play. This is a great substitution and the best monster collecting game on IOS.
My team so far is, LV.5 Brakio(A) LV.5 Gustbat(B) LV 5 Mobie(B)

Thats a good team to start off! But try looking in where’s that monster section and then ull see a pinned thread called : lachzeers … There ull Find some to make an even better team !

Meh. I’d get X, but it seems like a waste of cash tbh. Not gonna spend so much money on a new DS if I’m gonna play it only once a month.

Yeah, listen to that fella above me. There are some great monsters.

Also, if you’ve got 6 hours to spare today…get very strong and try to win the Online Mission that comes out tomorrow. Gearwolf is amazing~

And now listen to the fellow above me :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope u can get the Gearhound arkadion that is coming out tomorrow afternoon

Ahahaha. Indeed.

Best of luck!

My team is updated (:

LV.9 Brakio(A)
LV.9 Searex(A)
LV.9 Galebat(B
How do we get that Gearhound tomorrow?


Anyways…there’s a dungeon that is for the Online Mission. You access it by going to the bottom left corner, clicking the button, and going to the Online Mission on the left. Then you must successfully defeat all of the monsters and the boss. It’s very difficult, and requires several very strong monsters to win. The first 10% to beat it get a S ranked Gearwolf. You’ll need some level 99 powerhouses…

Or…you can hope to get lucky and get Gearhounds to fuse a Gearwolf. There are over 20 eggs awarded in the dungeon, and you might win a Gearhound in one…you’ll need…I forgot…5ish gearhounds in order to fuse them together to make a Gearwolf.

Hi and welcome to the game! Generally the higher number of stars a monster has the better it is, but don’t just go by the number of stars, sometimes lower stars can still have a better movepool and also lower stars can evolve into ggreat monsters.

Yeah U need 5 at least at all previous mission u needed 5 arks 

Same here only play pokemon games once a month barely

Id jeep the searex and go for a cherub and levi and 2 frostjacks DONT evolve the frostjacks because there evo is very common and you want them for a fusion so keep them as babies and with the cherub and levi evolve them and save them, they make a very powerful monster later on