Noob lord

Hey guys, I downloaded this game a couple of days ago and I can’t stop playing lol. I think I’ve got the hang of it but I just have some questions and I wanna know how my team is.

  • Can fully evolved guys learn new moves?
  • Would a full team of one element be bad?

I’m up to Maldan & do not buy gold:

  • Lv 19 Geoceres, A
  • Lv 20 Narpoon, S
  • Lv 20 Skullwraith, B
  • Lv 21 Dullahan, D
  • Lv 26 Scorchwing, C
  • Lv 24 Snowstag, C
  • Lv 14 Flamogaru, A
  • Lv 25 Remus, C
  • Lv 19 Goldram, B
  • Lv 20 Thunderfox, B
  • Lv 24 Sparkong, A

I have some cool looking things that I wanna put but idk if they’re good!

Joustfish, Spooker, Pteroling, Flamewing, Blockadus, Moji, Pearex, Sphinxcat, Scallotooth

When monsters evolve or fuse, they learn new moves. They never learn moves my leveling though.

A full team of one element is absolutely terrible in PvP. However, in story mode, it really depends. For example, when going through the desert area, using a water ocarina with a team of water monsters would be great. You see, certain ocarinas have special abilities that allow them to boost the power of a specific element. The Ignis ocarina, the one I use, boosts the power of fire monsters by a lot. However, it decreases the stats of water+earth+air monsters. You can also combine this with ally moves, which get boosted when there are allies out of the same type. There are also army moves, which are more powerful versions of the ally moves.

You’re doing pretty nice at the moment. However, I would stop over here and check out where to get the really good monsters. Good luck with everything, and welcome to the community!

On your questions :

  • No arkadions only learn new moves when they evolve and thats it , they do have passives tough.

  • YES!  very bad! Because imagine u have a team full of Death arks then I would only need  Holy ark to defeat ur entire team…

Well ur team isn’t too bad but if u want to have a rare team make sure u have alot of good Grades like S , A or B .

If u want to complete everything ( every catchable ark ) u should go with this list :

Some are rare and have a low spawn rate!

P.S. Welcome to the forums.

That’s just not true Jeanette :stuck_out_tongue: There’s no I in teamwork, and this is a teamwork game. 1 Holy ark is no match against 3 bloodclaws for example, I’m just ignoring the ‘whole team’ thing for now to prove even 3 dark arks will beat a holy one.

And to the OP,

I like your team so far, it’s very balanced and has some good arks in it that I didn’t have when I was your level. From experience I’ll tell you what I think is good:

Keep levelling Geoceres, Sparkong (obviously), Thunderfox, Flamogaru, Scorchwing (obviously, and congrats on that!), Snowstag, and maaaybe Narpoon.

The monsters you want to add: Pearex, Scallotooth (never had a chance to level it early but I think it’s good and rare), possibly Blockadus (as it’ll make a good tank later on). 

Arks like Dullahan and Skullwraith are interesting but they can be caught much later at much higher levels and very commonly so I’d avoid them. 

Actually having one element for te whole team isn’t too bad. I tried having a whole team air in pvp and managed to scrape a 8 win streak. Not really my favorite, though but it’s always fun.

Well a average player has more than 1 holy ark so there Goes ur death arks

@above posts - Not true. A Chain Claw from Shadowstalker will OHKO 3 Bloodclaws with ease.

yes, having full arks is terrible. Chain claw will crush. Imagine an earth team getting chain fanged my hydra…imagine a shadow team getting chain clawed by shadowstalker…yuck.

^ see

your actually doing quite well.

FINE! If you want me to disprove your theory then I’ll be more than happy to. I just used Bloodclaws as the first example that came to my head. Even if what you said is true about Shadowstalker then what makes you think you’ll go first? They both have the same speed, so chance of you going first are actually 25%. As backup arguement, I can always use 3x Gearhounds which I really doubt Shadowstalker will OHKO.

Actually angel bane works on the sub type angel and shadow stalker angelon are very popular and ARE NOT angel so bam there goes your shadow team

Lol only an idiot would use a shadow team. The basic elements works perfectly fine, actually. I tried using air, fire, life, and elementless teams before. Even in master league, those teams get a win ratio of about 60%. Ally moves work good with these teams, and majority of players in master league do not repeat elements, so I don’t really think there’s a problem with these teams. And while chain moves might crush, the chances of having the right element to crush might be a problem there. I’ve used army flame on someone who tried to boost mossgolem’s ally fist by putting Vegitiger and rooknight next to it. As you will probably tell, all three died instantly, at full health. You claim that these teams are terrible. I say that they are stupid, dumb, and pointless, but it’s fun. In terms of power, it is certainly not good, but it is still a different style of playing, which may not be what we are used to.

Hey guys thanks for the replies, I think I have made a lot of progress!

Lv 29 Stegodon, A
Lv 31 Marspin, S
Lv 31 Geoceres, A
Lv 31 Seadile S
Lv 33 Firemane A
Lv 33 Sparkong A
Lv 29 Blazerunner S
Lv 30 Narlance S
Lv 30 Stormfox B
Lv 29 Skullwraith B
Lv 29 Haniwan C
Lv 29 Dullakhan D
Lv 32 Blockadus A
Lv 32 Remus C
Lv 32 Snowstag C
Lv 33 Scorchwing C
Lv 33 Flamogun C
Lv 34 Vulcaraptor S
Lv 36 Raptorex S
Lv 19 Goldram S

I’m thinking of dropping Goldram, Skullwraith, Haniwan, Dullakhan and Blockadus.

Some stuff I have in the bank:
Pteroling S
Smokepup S
Sharkblade S
Flamewing A


  • Does Dullakid not come in A or S I tried for an hour LOL
  • There was this fuse thing with Jabby and what appeared to be a grizzly bear looking thing that makes a bear Jabby, is it any good?

Currently at Larkel.

The second team is not bad at all. You seem to be doing just fine. You have raptorex and vulcataptor which I did not have in the beginning of the game or at least by where you are now. But I would only suggest that you drop blockadus if you’re adding another tank like barricadus and also your Skullwraith will be more effective right next to your goldram where it can do real damage. Definitely drop dullahan(which can be caught later in the game pretty commonly) and haniwan and perhaps add leviathan or georex which could come in handy for PvP as well since a lot of players use dragon type arks. Other than that your team is pretty well balanced!!! As for bearfist(the fusion of jabby and grizzie) he’s pretty good for the beginning of the game but other fusions like angelon and both luxknight and shadowlance beat it. But it’s good to make those fusions to add them to your collection! Well I hope this helps!!!

Welcome hunter island!!!

Easy there. No need to get excited.

Doesn’t matter if you go first or not. The Bloodclaws will do close to no damage to Shadowstalker, and then it will OHKO them.

Gearhounds won’t fall to a OHKO…but they’ll die after two. Fun, right? Oh…and if that’s the case, I wouldn’t use Shadowstalker. I’d use Octoneer, which will get a OHKO on the gearhounds.

Shadow monsters, with the exception of Terrorfish, Roidguard, and Destructor, are not good at all. Well…gearhound is half-decent.

You’re making some awesome progress! Gratz!

As far as your questions go, Awesome002 nailed it.

Again, check over here to go catch some awesome monsters that will help.

a team full of void wont be a bad idea, but there aren’t 15 void ark yet to make a team i believe 

Well, I have no idea what is Octoneer so I can’t argue there but with current arks there’s no way 3 shadow arks will die to 1 holy ark…also since you’ve mentioned Octoneer, maybe there is a stronger shadow ark than Gearhound that’s unreleased. I didn’t even know Destructor was shadow type, maybe I should’ve used him instead of Gearhound to make my case. 

I don’t think it’ll still work because if shadowstalker couldn’t ohko your gearwolves with its chain claw I’m pretty sure having a group of destructor wouldn’t make much difference since they’re both dark and metal so if octoneer could wipe out all of the gearwolves in out swipe then I’m guessing he’s the ark who has a move that specializes against metal ark which would make destructor useless in this case!!! If anything go with terrorfish!!! But then again I’m only guessing

I have confirmed that bloodclaw dies from a OHKO from Shadowstalker. Plasmorex also may die (depends on luck), but will always die if shadows talker’s stats were boosted. Destructor will be left with a very small amount of health, as well gear wolf. This has all been proven. Also, since the attack is a chain move, a single attack will OHKO a 9.5 star, OHKO another 9.5 star, and severely cripple a 11 or 12 star. One turn.

Octoneer posses an AoE metal blade.

That’s what I figured!