Neo ticket monster help

Hi all,
Which monster u r picking up in exchange of neo ticket…

Whichever is closest to awakening? Or see this video

Thanks a lot video is helpful

I will do this
I have onixya at +6 and i can get the last shard with the neo ticket , but i will wait till i waste all my gems on anniversary egg with some luck i can get him on a random egg and then waste the neo ticket on another mythic iff not then i exchange the neo ticket for him and awaken it


I did Plumelisk because it’s amazing even in 2nd form

The one monster i had +6 already afcourse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Voidress is good

Is’nt satomi (first form) a good option(if not the best) for both PvP, pve?

She works in second form gains stun immunity awakend so she works very well a good choice

Neo ticket is also just a free mythic shard so if you have a gold egg mythic at +6 its normaly just better to awaken

Or then if one you really want is at +3 getting it to +6

Or hatch to +6 then use neo ticket for the final shard etc etc

Ofcourse. I was talking from perspective of new/ down on their luck player’s , with no +3,+6.
Personally in my case I have satomi, bryhilder, huskegon and kurokomi (single copy). Anyone got advice?

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For down on their luck players and new players id hoestly recomend satomi or plume as both of them work decently well in second form

For you i would recomend trying to get huskeon or satomi to + 6 after anniversary then use the neo ticket to awaken either (keep in mind that neo ticket expirrs on new years eve)

Depnding on your collection afcourse

If you have say leira and novadrake with another good sweeper id recomend huskeon for a setup like. Chrono killer leira huskeon novadrake sweeper (leira is not needed just an example)

Then again if you dont have a setup like that to support stun (especily as it was nerfed) id go with satomi witch simply just have good kill potential from the start and she is decently fast

Bryn id say is more of a pve monster not particulrrly easy to use in pvp

Kurokami is afcourse a good choice to but i find satomi and huskeon to be more reliable in general

Only my opinion afcourse

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An anecdote essentially. There are a lot of mythics to choose from and some are definitely better than others. Last year i had 1 shard left to get before i could awaken Novemdomina. Back then nauticruiser and Aurazur were also highly sought after mons. I eventually decided on just that and buy Aurazur as I did hatch nauti a few weeks prior. After hatching like crazy on the 2nd banner, full of dolphins and willhelmina in an attempt to awaken her, i found the last shard for novemdomina. I was scary close to have wasted a neo ticket. So my advice, wait and hatch on the banner you want like crazy, every 400 gems is basically a mythic. After that it is easier to decide which mythic to get.


I went for Onyxia. It’s going to fill a gap in my link dark and I had one shard previously.

With the upgrade of regular banners targeting the egg for those myths might be a bad idea.
I would suggest going for kuraokami @Krur
+6 from Neo ticket ad +9 from the guaranteed egg .
It is the most effective strat to save gems(only 300 rest all are rng) and awaken mythic for u rn .
Also kuraokami is good in both PvP and Pve .
Ps wait till u are done wth all ur anniversary hatches , also for the guaranteed Egg banner to change (this time will be naturgol probably)

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I also wll go for onixya iff i dont get him on the egg
Im also thinking on purchading shiny lavaronix idk iff its a good idea tho i already got robed geting sjiny heavens and shiny oakthullu

happy cake day.
ps shiny utopion probably gonna be in 1st anniversary banner i reckon so u might not need lava.

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please help with selecting mythic from neo ticket
consider it as we dont have any other mythic so the best one from them
also dont link shikaotoko,s 6 anni video this time we have more monsters to chose from
also suggest for me personally considering i have azida and cynthia UE

Depends on what other monsters you have and what will fit your teams the best. You have to choose one who in mid form will help your teams the best.


ok now shikaotoko,s added new video for this topic