New Mortar Monsters

Hey all! So the new mortar monsters are out and I’m curious as to what you all think of them. Their speed is quite solid (especially the crystal one with speed of 91%) and I think that on the whole they’re quite good with the crystal one again being slightly better in my opinion largely due to its secret skill. Thoughts from anyone? Also what are the pros and cons to rolling 300 gems for one of them guaranteed? I think it may be really worth it but I’m curious as to your opinions

Con. 1 by itself won’t push your team over the top. It will just be another standalone in a team that won’t provide synergy in a team. The only things that are worthwhile in this game is sleep. Nothing else will get you far enough in the events to break top 10 for the best rewards.

Stun comes to mind…

No one is going top 10 in ultimate challange using a stun team…

The new monsters work well altogther. The new se looks very interesting. Ideally you want all 3 but all depends on luck I guess when rolling.

Honestly why spend 300 gems on a 1 off monster when you can wait for a festival where there’s something that will actually make a huge difference in all the challenges and significantly increase your gem income. Then once you’re hitting huge income of gems like the top players you can spend it on wanted monsters instead of needed monaters

You should’ve been clearer then. In top 10 of pvp nearly everyone uses stun.

For pve, it’s very limited, pvp though, anything is potentially powerful if used right.

This particular egg, the grif is the better legend imo, as it can give turn to two friends and let them do their thing. Like a semi TT with infinite use. Also has instant reload ss, so at least 2 give turns ready for use. And chrono killer mortar, also powerful, kills Utopion and peng instantly, which is always appreciated.

The 2nd legend has potential, but is limited by the restriction that the rock/box/shell has to be on the field. Motor/Tinker can repulse him and then he won’t be a counter anymore. Also, he can stun for 150 tu, but with a 100 TU cost, so good for setting another mon up, but not really gonna do much for itself. Best use seems to be at the end of a team full of spawned rockoids. 1 sec load, down to 35 tu excess faststrike, that’s very powerful. Oh and the ss, very strong.

The se is also powerful, it has the shortest loading time and can load 2 friends at once. Seems like support to the legends, but even individually, it has an excessive protector killer mortar. That is very awesome.

For pvp, they can be great, pve, probably save your gems. Main con, they are best together, so you might roll and only get 1 of them, which is less fun.

And no one goes to top 10 UC with just sleep as sleep is only used for support coz the real mvp’s for UC are desth revenge duplicates, emeraldeus, and gear. Sleep, stun, and protectors are just there for support.

wait for christmas or new year