Legendary monster from Island Challenge

Good job devs. After 3 years we can get legendary monster from event. I really appreciate it.


I mean hey I ain’t complaining I honestly thought I was seeing things I hope this becomes somewhat natural like one week is super epic and the other legendary

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I am really happy to see a small direction towards our wishes. Hope to see more good stuff like this to appreciate their customers. 2x gem deal and guaranteed legendaries in eggs would complete most complaints ^^


This is very cool. If they brought back 300 gem guarantees I would come back to the game

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I’m glad there trying to keep there promises it’s a step in the right direction

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The monsterdex looks like it has 6 monsters of this type… a legendary which turns itself into another legendary or, if it’s killed, into a super epic. Probably one of each element and we’ll get a few of them from events. I look forward to seeing what the others are like, this first one looks great!

Please Please Please someone use this combo that has been long on the horizon and is finally here:

Armadiator - Gryphking - Sacrosphinx - monster A / monster B

General idea is you pot Arma and Gryph so they have 42TU pull back and 43TU double give turn. Then what you do is utilise the load all and double give turn to infinitely pull back, 1.5 times (average) every 43TU. If accelerated this can be every 35TU (34 and 35 on the skills).

So what you need is two monsters with entrance passives you can abuse. One being roaring entrance (the monster you’re actually going to kill with) and the other being an entrance that controls the match. Tranquillising entrance is the best for that, but shocking also works.

Marksmoth has become the PERFECT candidate for this combo, combined with a tranquillising entrance. The combo is weak to stun but what you can do is leave the enemy team with 4 stunnable monsters then simply repeat the pull back infinitely to stun the enemy monsters by an average of 120s every 86TU (70TU if accelerated). Stun them all a few hundred seconds then get busy with the sweeping! Also, they’re going to be put to sleep anyway from the tranquilising entrance.


Okay devs released an actually good legendary for this.

I love the design too.

I have metatherion, burnsalot, terrghoul, might as well try and turn this into something.

Heck I was about to make a post on how the move throw wasn’t impactful as as a result should get buffed. Now we have a sweeper that’s effective.

This guy summons 9 rocks. 9 rocks, crazy.

Would be fun to combo with Baha and a few other summoners. Im thinking an endgame with like 20 rocks, jag and astrogolem lol. Eat fastbreak and double retribution all day long lol.

The moment you hit that metamorphosis button on the pupa, you kill 2 enemy monsters.

Tbh I just want to know what the 5 star version is.

So you guys gonna ignore the fact the beautiful mothra coming to the game? Thank you, devs. Thank you. (Not to mention, she is f2p)

Whoever decided to do this deserves some praise

screw chrono, this is the new Favorite F2P Legend

I hope they grow the F2P legendaries

Metapod/butterfree is garbage that’s why @Ash-Ketchum has one


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can’t rise above the 102 level, constantly give enemy with far superior numbers and instant kill for the group :frowning:

At level 102 the buff level for the enemies is only 1.25x. You shouldn’t be getting killed off too easily. Focus your team around high damage attacks and ways to set them up. Poison won’t work and things like “reckless attack” become quite useless.

I have 3 5stars monsters, enemy full 5-6 stars on lvl 107… My monsters speed so small, monsters are replaced and immediately die. I ont know, what’s wrong, but probably becouse i new player…

Learning is a progress. Losing means to learn from your mistakes and improving for the next time. BTW the enemies rarity monster can never be higher (except the small chance of getting 5 star unevolved legendaries) because even if you miss drafts you will get those whenever you try to play a game in island challenge.