New monster in the Trial of Ice

Yep exactly, although I did see it before in one of the battles in the online missions. I don’t remember which one.

It’s obtainable from the spins I believe, saw it before when spinning.

I cant wait to see what new monster might be “Reveal” on the next chapter (The aftermath of a Legend) that is coming soon! :smiley: This time will keep an eye for them, getting back into the topic maybe this monster will be another event monster like the Chimeraxus super epic was (The tower event reward).

really? I never saw it O.o , are you sure it was this one and not Esapizeron? the first form of both looks alike

Yea I’m pretty sure because I was lamenting when I missed it by a small bit.

The Atlanti is fought when you are fighting the imperial guard before Beritus. Not sure if it appears in chapter 3 or 4.

That might be a bug because I asked the devs about this monster and they told me it will be available at a later date

Does anyone has this monster or seen it on the wheel of eggs too?

I’ve seen it alot