“Zealous attack” is certainly a new move. Wonder what that does. Also it has Death Revenge.

Seems to do a lot of damage. I wonder if it’s a move you can only use once. 

I’m really disappointed that it’s not in the festival egg wheel (from what I saw. Please correct me if I’m wrong). I was really hoping to try and get one. But I guess I can’t really complain because I bought an egg just to see if it was there and somehow got the new legendary and that thing is a MONSTER.

You shouldn’t be complaining! Nice roll though.

Haha tell me about it. Especially since Right after I bought it I saw that they added the monster lists to the eggs in the last update so you can see what’s in them.

Gaiawolf isn’t on any of the lists. Odd they would make an event about a monster that’s not even obtainable

There might be a trial of earth challenge and it has gigasect and gaiawolf not sure though

It’s in the new event that they just announced today. Awesome.