New monster ideas


Dev it’s time for another chrome killer monster. But change his skill set to chrome killer sleep killer protector killer bloodcrave. His passive need to be HG and sleep immune


Ain’t there enough hahshs


Speed: 99

Double death wish- instant death to 2 enemy monsters
Triple blood thirst
Instant shield self- unlimited use.

SS- Instant bloodclone next.

Passive: total counter- if this monster or any monster on its team would be slept, poisoned, or stunned, this monster negates the effects and gets a turn immediately.

Passive: excessive force

You can name him “Efftheoldlegendskaizer”


Raizen, Chromera, Ashterios, Cyclozar, Searguard, Rexotyrant (SS) and the upcoming Maggatsuoh. Maybe I’m missing one?

Why do we need more? Also, the monster you’ve designed there sounds like a weaker version of Chromera. Sure, it’s got bloodcrave rather than bloodthirst but no roaring entrance and no toxic killer.


Any screenshot for magga?


Oh him he will be anniversary posion chrono Killer


No excessive force?


Devs be looking at that and be like :money_mouth_face:


Can’t fully remember but I know it goes through hg and has a one shot move


This is the thread about Maggatsuoh: New legendary from chapter XXVI

I’ve just added Maggatsuoh to the title so it comes up in searches.


I want the monster to have roaring. My bad.


Got used to its nick name. Yup, have been waiting for it for a long time.


Heylls ya. But everyone who rolls him will say hes fine because he can be knocked back.


Hahahahaha that seems to be the logic



Don’t think we need more roaring chrono killers. Hell, we don’t even need more roaring. Too many oh those guys ruin the game


To late :sweat:


No these stun/sleep entrance are annoying. It’s to many of them.


How about toxic charge (it takes away all teammates poison while charging its self). Then Toxic blast (same as detox blast but ignores shields and HG). The more teammates who are poisoned the more effective the blast is. He would also have poison gas, and detox strike. (Detox strike could be subbed for another move like aoe or something ). Idk a SS. Like 60-70 speed?


Sounds cool but dnt see myself using it