New Monster Idea - MarleyMahn

New Monster Idea: Marleymahn

Grass type legend

Purify All
Give turn

Passive: Unmovable
Passive: Unwanted Entrance - when this monster enters the field it places 2 token Floyds on the enemy team at random.

SS: Peace Out - kills the user but resets all kills on the field and heals allies 50%


Token monster

Lifeflip self
Reckless attack

Auto protect minus - 25% chance of automatically blocking an attack
Brotherly Love - when this monster is on the field all blood charges reset and no allies can charge a blood move while it is on the field.

You lost me on this one. If you change that to Auto protect plus I’m all for this monster.:joy:

A floyd is supposed to be a disadvantage to your enemy but i felt like brotherly love is such a strong passive there has to be some advantage to counter the massive disadvantage.

Also Floyds should be pink… obviously.

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Is this a subtle survivor buff? :smirk:

Another topic talking indirectly about nerfing ap.