New levels in future?

All know the Level 150 its the finish… But now its boring to see all events to Give us a good exp and lost it… We will can up more levels un future? ):

Even if not a level up, it would be good to see at least a ticket recharge for every 100,000 in xp or something like that.

VKC has asked a few people if we think it should increase and has said if he does increase it it will only be tickets that increase not cost for teams

It’s fine for me. But seriously if they increased the ticket. i suggest a ticket that can finish SOTF even without ticket campaign

@VKC increase team cost by 5 please

Z19 GaryOak


Upz max lvl to 200 and increase tixs…team cost can remain…

Sorry buddy. I don’t think increasing max cost is a good idea right now :unsure:

We are going to increase Hero Rank at some point, but ticket and achievement only.

And its ok, we dont need more cost… Why? When we will play pvp with new users that will be harder For them ): but we need more TICKEts and dont lost free exp… Aaaa and archievements