Level up rewards

Hi Devs and neo mons peeps

I dont mean to be a pain nor do i want to discourage anything you have done. Recently its been pretty good and this past 6 months since vkc has joined the game has improved many aspects.
Im not asking for much. Im just requesting if its possible that everytime players level up we recieve some rare items or ingredients for levelling up. I respect that you give alot of gems out for leveling up. But in other games they give lots more things to make it worth while to level up.
Well its just a thought and thanks for reading.

120 gems and 51 rare gems isn’t enough?

The rewards thats good right now buddy…

No i never stated it wasnt enough. I was merely stating other games give alot more when levelling up as they appreciate it. So they give multiple rewards.

You get 58 rare gems from leveling up.most other games only give a single small bit of premium currency when you level up and nothing else. Incresed tickets and team cost is more than incentive to level up. The gens are just icing on the cake.

Thank you for your suggestion!

We will keep updating achievement as we will have more events and stories.

Now that we called a Great Dev that’s listen our excuse
And I think the game is going to be in good as we all got bored from repeatedly events except UC that’s gives a lot of gems
Sorry for going to wrong topic but there is a lot of bugs like skipping turn, stun effect when they are in sleep mode , etc…
And last I want to thank Dev VKC he listens a lots of problem from us and solved it
Appreciate buddy

VKC have you always been around as a dev and was more in the background or are you pretty new? As in you’ve been on the forums about 6 months? Is that when you became a dev or was previous?

I have always been around as dev, player and forum user.

I am sure some users noticed this forum was dying at some points while ago because the miscommunication and lack of communication from devs.

So one day I asked a dev account because I read this forum everyday, and tried to make things different.

Well, it worked.

I wish some devs like you joined in Japanese community😀