HERO Rank increase

Many players are stuck at HR 200 so @Dev_VKC please increase hero rank or do somthing for us…
Or just increase 80 % legendary chance for us in rare egg pool

200 is enough.

Yeah, HR200 is a lot. On the other hand, we also understand there are few players have reached the max.

Therefore, we are planning to uncap Hero Rank again along with new achievement rewards at some point. But it only gives you more tickets.

Stay tuned!


Make it crazy hard to reach 250 :smiley:

Now that is a very balanced and reasonable way of doing it. Just please don’t increase the cost benefit…like ever…

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I guess it’s more than just a few :slight_smile: can’t wait for the next step. It hurts to do all events with high xp without getting any benefits :smiley:

We are not going to increase the cost.
Only more tickets and achievement rewards.

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But so hard to reach level up hero rank… i hope the rewards in achievement is good

That is absolutely understandable and good because increasing the costs would bring the balance on a new level which is not predictable I guess. Now you are forced to mix some lower monsters into your team to harmony. With higher costs we would have teams fill of legends ZZzzzZ

It would be screwed if the cost increased. Thanks again

Only 206 costs are boring!..so much ss and all…and than only 206…disgusting

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I think it will be boring if we could have our team filled with legendaries and unlocked SS. The way it is requires more strategy IMHO and helps balance things out.

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5 gems every increase in Hero Rank after 200, we hardly have any use for our tickets so yeah