New legend


Totally OP i dont know what devs are thinking

It was more op without link fasttrike. Now it’s more restricted.

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Well game is over for me i guess, need to spend 300$ every 2 weeks just to keep up with the insanly new power creeped monsters (restriced / counterable or not).

I think devs have found a good balance for him. First his speed was nerfed drastically from the 70 he had which reduces his FL capabilities . Second if you don’t build around a link water then you’re left with only finishing snap to pick off a kill.

Still he can potentially charge up bloodfury in 30 sec or less, he is certainly up there in term of power.

A fl of zib, titanomoth/croc/flutterdrake iris, tt, gyo and this guy in 5th, deadly af

I don’t get why people are freaking out… roaring entrance is strong but not OP. This guy has no immunities and his defence is nothing special so, despite having high health, he is very easy to manage. In order to get a reliable kill the team must be built around link water which means it might even be worth knocking him back even though he’s got roaring entrance.

If you compare him to a monster like Magmarinus he is definitely much worse. Magmarinus comes in at high speed anyway, can get a double kill on the first turn and from there sweeps at 70TU with the 30TU finishing snap as well, has stun immunity, hold ground and can heal itself and others.

The things this monster has going for it are:

  • roaring entrance with a killing move on its first turn (strong)
  • finishing snap for super quick kills
  • killing at decent speed (100-130)
  • step back for entrance control at only +1 cost

That makes it a very useful monster and a great addition to any water team but it doesn’t stand out compared to others. I’d like to point out how shields are becoming more and more common in the game so a roaring entrance link faststrike is not as OP as it might seem. Hold ground is everywhere too.

P.S. What’s the deal with “short stun”? Is it basically just to pass time or to get a crucial extra little window of time when it comes in with roaring entrance and you want another monster to get a move? It’s a useful extra skill but I can’t see it being a primary skill to use on the monster unless I’m missing something?

P.P.S. Despite me being negative about other people’s comments… it is nice to see nobody going “This monster sucks because it’s weak to chrono killer”.

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It’s definitely not op,
Link faststrike is a nerf,
& Short stun is funny, 30 Tu into 15sec stun :joy:

@Z19_Bagorah that setup can be dealt with,. :ghost:

Only thing which will make it work is those guys who have gyo & are running water link at fl with frostmoroz/ mechvantian

Plus the combination of having some great water legends will make it work , water crocodile with tranquilizing entrance, jawshank, fang,

It’s how you incorporate your team, it’s a good legend but not over powering legend which can shift the meta!!

I was curious about that short stun too… at first I thought it was to set up faststrike, but if it stuns for 15 sec and it puts you back 30 sec that doesn’t exactly make sense (unless you have other faststrikers on your team?)

Every setup can be countered by certain team😂 I’m just saying that it will be really strong in a link water fl, but we’ll see in the next pvp how well celeshine can do

I have a counter for it @Z19_Bagorah

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what about if your opponent is positioned in such a way that this tiny stun will help the faststrike to do a bit more damage (say for example, the opponent is at 16 seconds, you use the stun, then the opponent is at one second because the opponent will be at 31 seconds while you are at 30). don’t know why you wouldn’t just do faststrike at the original 16 seconds though.

Short stun is a guaranteed 15 second skip. I don’t see why people don’t see the power behind that concept.

most likely because it is only 15 seconds, i know it is unlimited use but still…

Maybe If one of your very important monster is outsped by 1-15 sec and you can totally take the advantage of getting the turn before it gets killed

I agree with Zard. Being able to essentially force your opponent into a skip is awesome.

So how many secs will a stun absorber be stunned if hit with short stun?

Short stun can be faster than 30s with accelerate and pots, so it’s probably more handy than it looks on the surface. It has the use of knocking back an enemy by a few seconds if that’s ever crucial in a match and it’s a better way to pass time than finishing snap.

I really like the design of having two 30s moves which can do useful things or pass time then two efficient killing moves.

Just my opinion , it will be olrite, link water teams will be seen mostly, the fastest guy to bring in celeshine at 5th is Zib, so you can make many combos out of it, rest we’ll see when PvP is back :blush:

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Seaspine gonna be even more OP now

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