Ushi-Oni (New Super Epic)


I said i wanted a spider monster, but this was not what i had in mind😆

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i love it! though stats would be nice.

Its there now


The moveset is interesting, even though I don’t understand the sense of the blood moves healing part.

I find the design only average, sorry.

it’s bad lmao

:heart_eyes: we need more youkais! We do already have stuff like Atlanachia, Nagandia, Yukionna and Cloudtail, but this kind of folklore design is so cool and I want more. When Tsuchigumo, Kankandara or Gashadokuro?

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Without camouflage this would be bad, but it might actually be strong in some teams. It’s not as strong as legendaries, but seems good for a super epic.

I think not many people will use it. If waifu become common and I’m using a poison team I will definitely include it near the end of a team.

We need a Kappa :sunglasses:


All i want is a korean toilet ghost


If you’re running poison I’d assume you’re running Link Fire poison for endgame, to which effect Ogremaster is better with roaring entrance and Man Eater along with Retribution.

Ogremaster haha
Not all poison is link fire. Tagosenshi would be happy with this new monster as a friend, especially with Fiona too

i like that it can protect itself from slayerbane by killing another monster.