New fusion monster for summoning!!!

So this is my new idea for an ark!!! I know that there’s probably going to be an ark that summons multiple arks without dying other than firequeen but how making an that’s like a bee and it evolves to some kind of bee warrior or soldier very similar to fire worker and fire soldier and the same with this ark we have a fusion and name it queen bee or Swarm Queen and have her have a move called “swarm” which basically sacrifices her and has her summon the 4 original bee warriors that it took to fuse her.

Sounds nice but how about this.

The bee queen will spawn regular bee/soldiers and the regular bee’s could have a ability called promote,

That sacrafices the bee after 200-400 tu and it will be a new queen bee(cant do this with a queen bee alive in the party).

That would allow for some new and wicked strategies in wich you try to make it stay alive with stuns/guardian to make a new 1 and repeat the process.

I love Those ideas!

Roidguard is still a better summoner IMO.

I’m sure there better summoners but I thought that maybe a different type of summoner summoning a different way could be awesome!!!

Btw warlordsh that’s a pretty cool idea also!!! I just thought it’d be cool to sacrifice the queen to make 4 new arks lol!!!
But thinking about it that would be cool!!! You could sacrifice the last 3 soldier/workers and promote the 4th one and make more to sacrifice lol!!!

Aye. I must say that there are some nice ideas here.

Thank you sir!!!

Mhmmm, no problem at all…

…errr…just a side note, Titanwyrm is cool and all…but it kinda…like…sucks in PvP…

Lol I just liked the way he looks lol

What is you made like a fusion first one where you need to get a bunch of rare monsters or something the have it be summon like first ones