New fusion ideas...

I played the game and beat it already and I originally started off with Thunderback and I would have rather started off with a fire elemental but I don’t really enjoy playing with pigs lol. Eventually I farmed for the other 3 to get the fusions and not to offend anybody but I was kinda disappointed with the fusion between Thunderback and Brakitorus and was more satisfied with Dreadwolf but I also would have wanted for each starter ark to have had a fusion where they kept a little more of themselves and that’s where dreadwolf became unlikable to me and tremorback got like like once again but then again Thunderback was lost in the fusion. So I started thinking and this is what I came up with. Each of the starters will have some of themselves in the fusion but with a more humanoid form that allows each to keep their elements. I looked through the pedia in the game about 20 times to get the right arks for the fusions that would make sense and still allow them to keep their element so I tried to choose 2 holys and 2 darks. But if anybody has a better choice in arks they’re welcome to share those ideas.

Thunderback+Sherubion= Monk-lee

Soltusk+Skullwraith= Carniboar

Glazio+Halopard or Mewozard= Sea Spirit

Brakitorus+Skullrex= Jurasic King

Also I know a lot of people would like to see a fusion between snowja and flamogun so I came up with something that I thought made sense to me. I know that water beats fire but if fire was to match the power of the cold usually the heat would make the water evaporate essentially canceling each other out and leaving behind smoke so I came up with Smokesassin and he’s elementless. 

Flamogun+Snowja= Smokesassin

These are just my ideas. If anybody has any better ideas they’re welcome to it. After all this is the suggestion section. So hopefully it catches the devs eyes…

I support the idea off fusing a fusion

I would love to see a fusion with all 4 starters like omegawyrm :wink:

Jeanette knows this but I think there should be a fusion of 4 tomb guards to make a tomb king!

Thats what i tried to tell u in the Suggestion thread

Yes but I had already said it so why you tell me?

Good fusion ideas bro, I especially like the Jurassic King lol. And smart thinking on combining fire and ice to make smoke, though dark type seems to make more sense to me (but there’s already so many of those).

Tomb king also sounds really good, a powerful earth type monster is definitely lacking in this game right now.

Seeing all if them fused together would be cool but a little harder to do than the wyrms because they were all dragons!!! Here you have a boar, a snow leapard, a gorilla and a dinosaur lol!!!

And I thought about making Smokesassin a dark elemental because if the name but making him elementless made sense to me because he should not have an easy weakness like going up against angelon or luxknight lol!!! But dark elemental good be cool because of what it is!!!

Oh and my favorite was Carniboar lol

Maybe someone with more time and skill than I should try and draw them because although I could draw pretty well I don’t have the time!!! Lol