New Fusion Arkadians

How about a new Gold fusion Arkadian using old, forgotten weak ones and making them useful? For example, Beowolf and Sledgeskull? It could be like Plasmorex, but with fire and be a Beast/Fire or Death. Maybe a Gryphon and Stormfox combo that looks like a lightning Gryphon and has stormcloud wisps on it’s legs, like that of the shoulders of a Stormfox. Post your ideas about what you think would make a good combo!

They should make an 11 star ark where u combine all four dragons (leviathan, raptorex, sizzler’s evolution, and rexy’s evolution) and call it something like alphawyrm.

They already made an Omeagawyrm, so I highly doubt they would do that(even though it is a good idea). Perhaps if more people notice this forum, it might become a possibility.

I think they’re mainly working on recoding the game right now. I think 11 star is too easy. Come on I’ve gotten at least two of every guy you just said except omegawyrm man I’d be farming the guys for them now.

I have omegawyrm:P

I don’t. I’m working on a S-Rank Vulcaraptor at the moment. So far I hadn’t caught anything above a B rank. I encountered an A, but the 93% chance to catch it failed. Stupid chances.

Good idea! :slight_smile:

This is sorta copying omegawyrms fusion, but maybe a fusion between shadowlance and luxknight to make a 10-11* ark.

I like these ideas, make more fusions so we can get those useless arks to become more useful. Especially those four 8.5 star dragons, should find a way to use them. Also I think adding the fusion receipts to the pvp awards will surely be more motivative than just tickets lol~

How about a fusion of a blazewing and Mammot? It could be a pterodactyl-esc arkadian with tusks and a fur neck and tail tip. Plus magma-rocks(like fiery ice) on it’s back? Another idea would be a fusion of Hammertooth and Spinoflame. It could be an aquatic arkadian that is a spinosaurus/shonisaurus(if you don’t know what it looks like, check google images or something.) and made of bones with a navy blue water wisps floating through it’s body, making up it’s shape.

Airlocke, it would be hard cause spinoflame is an egg only, but I like the idea

They should do an event where we are able to get it, like an OM or something. Arkadians like that are rarely seen, and it’s not fair to those who spend hours looking for rare Arkadians that can’t get anything anyone already has. I understand they have to make their money, but OM still brings in a lot too.

Fuse blazewing and archeonis to make Blazenious, a giant Phoenix who knows flame sparks, haste, incinerate (AoE), and something like watervoid.
Ooh make a mechabird(mechadinos counterpart), and it’s pearex and chopperbug

Great idea! We need more mechanical Arkadians.

Lol, I hope you guys were the devs :wink:

I’m sure it’s harder than it seems to do this. I’m just a novice so I can’t say anything for the devs, but so far i am already freaking out so I don’t think the devs are like me since they’re pro but I think I’ve stated my point :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, we’ll all get better in time. Truth is, I want to be a game designer, and I put in a lot of time creating ideas, such as new pokemon and Arkadians.

Yeah I know it takes time to make them but I’m just giving my ideas:)
Still any moderators on, I think that Alphawyrm Would be cool.


U could fuse sanctolamb and Halopard to make a sanctopard(?) that is a supporter ark with tons of health